DeathRace: RESULTS!

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I'll keep this short and sweet, since I know everyone is anxious to hear the results.

After 77 jumps on Saturday the final challenge was to jump into Y9G-KS into a Gate Camp organized specifically for the race by fellow Tuskers and elements of Rote Kapelle. ( Thanks again to Ripard Teg for helping to make that happen! )  My fellow Tusker and camera-man Lucas Padecain had anchored a GSC about 250k from the entrance gate. The "Finish Line" as it was called in local. The goal of the racers was to jump in and burn to the can without exploding.

As befits a DeathRace this ending was chaotic, confusing and horribly unfair to the 283 racers that participated. This was on purpose. Eve is unfair, harsh and full of cheaters. This is known. This was never intended to be a race your Mother would approve of, this was an Eve DeathRace. 

All of which makes winning even that much more rewarding in my opinion. Heck, just finishing the race is an accomplishment. Nearly 150 kills of ships and pods were recorded on the event killboard.

Congratulations to our WINNERS!

First Place: Franky Burns (Ares)
Second Place: Watson Desecond (Stiletto)
Third Place: Amy Flare (Malediction)
Fourth Place: Kooba Kaundur (Jaguar)
Fifth Place: Jeff the Mannequin (Federation Navy Comet)

And just to finish out the top ten:
6 - Deryn Angrard (Stiletto)
7 - McReaction (Raptor)
8 - Alekseyev Karrde (Malediction)
9 - Scrutt5 (Malediction)
10 - Roigon (Malediction)


First Industrial Ship - Otsfome (Venture)

First Gallente Ship - Crynsos Cealion ( Ares )

First Pod - Marc Callan

First Death (Three way tie)
- RomeStar
- Swain Ellecon
- Khan Rean

Battleship Kill (Final Blow) - Merrowing Kion ( Apoc at 17:05 )

First Venture ( Judges Award ) - Stranglet Munba

Tusker With Most Kills - Grog Drinker

Non-Tusker With Most Kills - Blood Pearl

Most Expensive Losses (Racers) - 
1. Johnny Spacy ( 275m Tempest)
2. Chain Evoltion (272m Broadsword)
3. Rixx Javix (230m Daredevil)

Honorable Mention - FingerPuppet ( Finger came very close to winning this race and exploded about 9k from the finish can. Well done.)

Last Place - Zedrik Cayne ( A special shout-out to Zedrick for finishing the race hours after everyone else had finished on pure principle alone! Well done. )


Prizes will be awarded ASAP. Please note that not all awards are coming from me, so some coordination will need to be done. All cash prizes will be awarded from Rixx Javix. Most hardware prizes will be contracted from Anastasia Javix in Jita or Dodixie. The rest will be coming from individual donors who will identify themselves. We will work hard to ensure all prizes will be distributed this week.

All decisions are FINAL. Please note that I had to also consider the rules in awarding prizes. Several pilots who would have qualified for prizes had to be eliminated due to rules violations. If there is any questions regarding order of finish or the awards above, please keep this in mind.

As soon as it is ready for public viewing the "Finish Line" video will be published.

Tomorrow I will have some thoughts about the race, what we learned and how we intend to make this event even better next year!

Rixx Javix