DeathRace Updates

The DeathRace will run as scheduled.

There was a small chance this week that a family emergency might have forced me to delay, reschedule or cancel the event. That situation is resolved now and the event will proceed as planned.

The starting system has been changed to Dantumi, which is right next door to Mara. Dantumi actually has stations, which Mara does not. (Thanks to those that pointed this out to me!)

To all of those that contacted me expressing a desire to help, thank you! If I haven't gotten back to you yet it was because of the above mentioned personal issue. So my apologies.

I would love to have outside help in organizing this event, but that really isn't possible. It speaks more to the nature of Eve than it does to my own personal character, or yours. But there are details that must remain secret until the time of the race. Otherwise they wouldn't be secrets would they? So it is nothing against you personally.

Donations and sponsorships are still available, so if you want to donate or sponsor a portion of the race please contact me asap.

Next week I will be pushing hard. One thing I learned from the last time was not to push hard early.

So next week will be wall-to-wall DeathRace leading up to next Saturday as ( hopefully ) hundreds of racers arrive in Dantumi.

The DeathRace Page up in the upper left will continue to be updated. If you are sharing links with Corp m8s, on forums, etc., please use that link.


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