Die Blogger Die!

Eve is endlessly fascinating. As a game, as a social engagement, as a personal challenge... it is fascinating in as many ways as it is frustrating. And Eve is also amusing.

One thing that amuses me to no end is the connotations that accompany my pursuit on this here blog, journal, entertainment vehicle thingie that I write and draw in. It seems that many people wish me harm.

I can't go a day without hearing something along the lines of, "DIE BLOGGER DIE!" in local. And yes, usually in all caps. The other side of that coin is the always famous, "Are you gonna blog about THAT now!?" Which is also amusing.

In the spirit of keeping such commitments issued in local I present the following derp. Yesterday I lost a BS for the first time in... well a long ass time.  The most amusing thing to me, beyond the local challenges, was just how many people it took. But whatever, well played tarp. Ya got me.

See? I did blog about it. Anyone who has read this thing for more than a minute knows I am not afraid to write about the bad, the good and the sometimes ugly stuff that happens. I am an open book. I would never claim to be anything other than what I am. I am terrible at Eve, but most likely better than you. By about a 5-1 margin. ( Which should be ticking over to 6-1 here shortly )

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the verbal attacks. In fact, I welcome them.

Am I mad? Nope. For one thing it proves that someone actually reads this thing. Which is good. Why would I write if no one read my words? ( Ok, I would, but my point is still valid. ) So that is a positive. Another positive is that I obviously engender a strong reaction among my readers. Which is also good. I don't write to make friends or fans. I write what is on my mind at the moment I write it. Plain and simple. The fact that other people find this interesting is a nice little bonus.

I was also accused in local yesterday of being a "bully". This is also a common refrain when I am chasing someone, annoying them, or blowing up their stuff. Tiny little therapists in Eve. No, I'm not actually a bully. I'm playing a GAME. And my role in this game is to chase, annoy and blow you up. Your role is to avoid that. And I've got news, in general, you kinda suck at your role.

I never thought I'd still be writing a blog about a game after four years. But here we are. It is a testament to how amusing and endlessly fascinating Eve really is.

Please continue trying to kill me. That is exactly what I want you to do. And every once in awhile you will succeed. Which is also good. I appreciate a well laid tarp, or a Merlin that can kill my Corax and then my Tristan. It makes Eve the amazingly frustrating and challenging place that it is.

And if one or the other of those things happen, rest assured I will write about it.


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