Why Race in the DeathRace?

The Death Race is barely over a week away!  I suspect many people are asking themselves, why should I race?  Here are some solid reasons why participating in the race is a great idea.

• It's Fun!
No matter who you are the DR is a structured, organized way to have fun in Eve.  Podding is forbidden, so the only risk you run is in losing your ship.  Sure there are additional dangers involved from the locals, but that's what makes your heart pound.  I can assure you this, you will have fun and it'll be a story you'll tell for a long time to come.

• It's Different!
It isn't the same 'ol same 'ol.  No matter what you do in Eve you have a spaceship and that's all you need to race.  Wormholes, mining, building, even PvPers, the DR is something different.  It gets you out of your rut and gives you a chance to connect with new people, enjoy a part of space you might not otherwise ever visit and experience something new.  Those are all things that can be hard to come by in Eve.

• It's Exciting!
Just ask anyone that participated in the last race, everyone had a great time!  You will have fun and your heart will race along with your ship, believe me.  That's the whole point of why I do this thing, even when it is really a super pain in the butt to run it.  You'll have a good time and you won't have to dance with anyone you don't want to.

• It's Prize Worthy!
The prize pot continues to grow and someone has to win, it might as well be you!  Everyone in Eve has the skills needed to win the Death Race and so do you.  Speed, luck and a touch of daring is all it takes and you could take home some serious prizes!  Where else can you spend an hour and end up with several MILLION ISK in your pocket!?  Along with a faction ship or two?  I can't think of anything.

ALL proceeds from the race go directly into the prize pot!  Every single red cent goes out to the racers and nothing goes to me or anyone else associated with the race.  Same as last time and same as next time.

What else are you doing Saturday that will exceed the fun you'll have in Eve from being a racer in the Death Race?!! Tell your friends and family to chill, you've got some Eve to play.

C'mon.  From the furthest reaches of Null to hi-sec the answer is nothing.  So get up off your butts and meet us in Dantumi on Saturday before 17:00!

It'll be a lot more fun with you there.