Bad Weapons

With the recent news that Cruise Missiles will be getting some much, much needed loving, I started to wonder what other weapon systems needed some attention.

I'm finding it difficult wrapping my head around the idea that Cruise Missiles might, I repeat might, be a valid weapon choice. I was born Caldari and the fact that they suck for PvP is ingrained in my DNA. Same with the Raven, the two things being linked. Will I ever actually buy a Raven and undock it, without shame, for PvP purposes? Only time will tell.

Which leads me to the following:

• Defender and FoF Missiles
I did once successfully use these for the purpose they were intended. Once, in five years. Scared off a Falcon even though he had my Drake jammed. This event was in no way a shining example of how awesome Defender Missiles are, but rather an accidental collision of pure luck and timing that can't easily be replicated.

I suspect that someone once had a clear understanding of what these things were for, and then they were eaten by a Polar Bear in Iceland and now we'll never know.

Frankly the best idea for these Missiles would be if someone just deleted them during downtime one day and didn't even mention it to anyone. We can all agree to just pretend they never existed in the first place. Ok?

• Medium Railguns
Small rail guns and large rail guns are just fine. But those guys in the middle need some tender loving. I honestly can't think of a single ship that I would fit medium rails to. And since I fly everything BS and below, that is saying something. They shouldn't be on this list, but they are. So let's get busy and fix 'em.

• Beam Lasers
You probably guessed they would be next when you were up there reading about Medium Rails, didn't you? Beam lasers seem like a no-brainer, but I suspect CCP is having the same fundamental problem we all have... what is the difference between a "Pulse" laser and a "Beam" laser? Uh. Once they get that sorted I'm sure they'll figure out how to make Beams worthy of actually training and using. Right?

It would be remiss of me not to mention that fixes are desperately needed when it comes to Citadel Torps, EC Drones, Warp Core Stabs ( I threw that one in just in case someone from CCP is reading this!! ), and the fact that certain weapon systems are named things they are not. (800mm Repeating Artillery are not actually artillery are they?)

I'm certain I'm missing a bunch. Why not bring up your own pet peeve weapon system in the comments?

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