The Good,The Bad & The Ugly

My play-time has been gimped a tad lately due to real life insanity. I had an Uncle pass away this week and then the very next day my wife's Uncle also passed away. Been that kind of week.

But I still managed to get out into space and find some decent fights here and there. I'm also debating what to do with this feature now that we have Stay Frosty up and running. Not sure what that means yet, since I can't possibly know the story behind every single encounter.

The Good
Dramiel vs Dramiel

I rarely fly my Dramiel these days, no real reason other than it is very hard to get fights in it. I can enter a system with 20 people in local and watch it empty out in a matter of seconds in that thing. But the other day I decided to do a quick dart thru a few systems and see what I could catch. Believe it or not, while in a nearby system, my Corp mates tell me a Dramiel is hanging around our station. They've been trying to engage it, but it is simply too fast for them. Of course, I burn home as fast as I can.

His Dram is obviously MWD fit, while mine is AB. So this is tricky. Will he engage or not? As the faster of us, the choice is really his. I manage to get into position and then wait to see what he does. He decides to engage. I overheat and plunge into it. It is a good fight, but I don't think he expected me to be fit the way I was fit and I never even had to turn on my rep.

The loot fairy was good to me, but sadly a Daredevil showed up just as he popped. In my burnt out state I was in no position to defend the loot and the DD managed to make off with it.

The Good
Comet vs Firetail

I undock in my Comet and lo and behold a Firetail is just sitting there around the undock. He is a Devil's Tattoo guy, so I figure he might actually fight me. So I lock him up and head straight for him. He isn't negative so I have to wait and see if he'll aggress. The problem with this tactic is surrendering the initiative, you are giving your opponent the advantage. They get to go first. He did a good job of taking advantage of that and he managed to get off some good shots on me right up front. He was doomed though, once I got my AB range right, my guns started hitting and my drones started chewing. Good fight though.

The Ugly
Breacher vs Merlin

Believe it or not, I actually did have the wrong ammo loaded this time. For whatever reason I never even checked it or thought about it until the killmail showed up. I even remember thinking, "why am I not hitting him?" lol. Just shows to know you, no matter what, eventually you will derp yourself real good in this game. At least be man enough to admit it when it happens.

The Bad
Comet vs Gang

Sometimes people do the dumbest things. Like land right on top of you and then just freeze up. Nothing special about this one other than how bad it was. Comet go boom.

The Good
Firetail vs Slasher

Just two days before I had exploded his Slasher with my Dramiel, which was a good fight even though it wasn't a fair one. Firetail vs Slasher is a bit more fair, especially with two TDs against me! Lucky for me I also have that one rocket launcher! lol. Seriously though, rocket launcher saved me. Well that and about three well placed rounds of artillery.

Oh, and Sully lost his Hyperion.

Hopefully I'll have more play time soon and can explode many more ships.


  1. I find it of interest that you have the nerf to call that dram kill "the good" and label it as dram vs dram, you simply blobbed him (4 people on mail, you didnt even do half the damage).

    1. You should notice that a ship with a tank that entirely consists of meta 4 damage control and a shield repper took over 5k damage. And one of the guys on he KM is in a pod. Clearly there was an earlier engagement that involved that pilot losing.

      He should clarify the engagement, but it's not necessarily a "he blobbed the victim" fight just looking at the KM.

    2. Boy my Anonymous commenters sure have a lot of balls on my blog these days, don't they?

      Since you seem to know everything, you should already know that he was engaging with my corp mates on the station BEFORE I arrived. With his speed he could engage and disengage whenever he wanted. By the time I arrived he was about 147k off the station, near a bm I have. I warped out and started approaching. The rest is in the account above.

      In addition, the pilot and I spoke afterwards and had a very pleasant conversation about the fight, what we both did right and wrong.

      I consider it a good fight. And so did he. And that is all that really matters.

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