Back From Vacation

What you don't see in that photo is his eight foot long buddy lying just under the water in the foreground, silently swimming towards me.

Even Alligators camp.

For the last week I've been away from Eve on a family vacation. I didn't post or log in since the Friday before last. Everyone needs a break from time to time and I am no different in that regard. I did continue to run some of the Stay Frosty business, post on forums and try to stay involved as much as possible. But otherwise, I needed a break.

Summer is almost over and that means a lot of things when it comes to Eve. It means a new patch is coming up and it means more people will be returning from vacation. It means the long slide of Fall and Winter are at our doorstep and things will start to heat up in space once again.

For Stay Frosty our three months of Summer are almost at an end. ( I call them the three months even though they are slightly over three months because it is easier that way, no one wants to say "our three months and three weeks of summer are almost over". )

This means several things, but mainly it means getting serious. In a Stay Frosty manner at least. With 150 members it is now time for us to start recruitment. It is also time to organize things a bit more, re-load the Corp Hangers and start developing some goals. It means kicking things into another gear, training programs, gang comps, and organized roams. Not that we haven't been doing those things already, but again it is time to kick it up another notch.

I'm really looking forward to it. Everything is proceeding according to plan and we are right on schedule. Heck, we are way ahead of schedule in most areas, so that's even better than planned.

The Alligator camp failed because my son was smart enough ( Thanks to Steve Irwin! ) to notice his buddy in the water before he lunged. We saw him coming.

There is a lesson to be learned in that.


  1. Welcome back, Rixx, I've really missed your blog updates.

  2. wow . where you in the water at that time? if yes then it was a close call

    1. The one in the water was two feet away at the time we saw him with only his nostrils and eyes above the water line.

    2. Alligators are not (barring a few incredibly rare exceptions) aggressive towards humans.

    3. Just the week before a Gator bit a woman's leg going for her dog, not far from where that pic was taken. Granted, it is rare, but it does happen.

  3. "with 150 members it is now time for us to /start/ recruiting"? (emphasis mine)

    How things have changed in the last months :)

    1. Well we never did actually recruit anyone officially, I wrote some blog posts and tweeted about it and then 150+ people showed up. lol.

      What I actually mean by "starting recruitment" will be explained soon in a post.


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