Derp Scorp

I realize I've been cruising down memory lane a bit this week, can't explain it, it is what it is.

This screen shot was taken on June 11th, 2009 in 7MD-S1 in Providence, a fleet of 67 apparently. And yes, I remember exactly why I took this screen shot.

We used to have this FC, I won't mention his name, who had the nasty habit of warping us to zero just as the bad guys were jumping. This happened a lot. So much so that eventually the higher-ups removed his "approved FC" standing and saved us all from further derps.

Almost immediately after this picture was taken, my Scorpion died at one such gate. Scorpions being primary and whatnot. This was the last Scorpion I flew for a very long time afterwards. Heck, I wasn't skilled enough to be flying it then! What was I thinking?

I have flown them since, but not in the last two years. Moving to Low Sec changed my opinion about ECM a tiny bit.

I do love the new Scorpion model though and I have an un-fitted one sitting in my hanger. I might just fit it up again to use for very specific types of fleets, or as a rescue ship. What is a "rescue ship" you might ask? Well, sometimes my corp mates get into trouble they shouldn't and need to be rescued. lol.

Funny I just finished training Cruise Missile V after all these years. I don't even own any T2 launchers or ammo!

And so it goes.


  1. Was Gibguard the FC?

    Funny to look through your old lossmails. You were pure Caldari until 9/09 and flew a LOT of dishonour boats (full disclosure: I've been in blackbirds a few times myself.) Funny how our memories play tricks on us, but if you have the date right this wasn't your last time in a Scorpion for a very long time.

    1. No it wasn't Gib, he was a good FC. I was born Caldari and flew/trained them up the pipe for a long time. And yeah, in Null ECM was looked at a lot differently than it is in low.

      I understand that I have additional losses in Scorpions even after the events above. "I have flown them since" was my way of saying that. I should have been clearer, I avoided fleets with that specific FC, and generally my days in a Scorpion began to stop then. More of an evolutionary change I suppose. Even the latest of those links is only a month or so after the above.


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