The Gnosis Pilot

So yesterday this happened.

Which would make for a great story all on its own. But, as with many things in Eve, the story rarely ends when the ship explodes. Normally I tend to stay away from naming names here, but since the killmail is linked it seems rather pointless.

Titus Balls > Hey thanks for the bounty - now I am a real pirate YHAAARRRRR
Inge Hatje > Don't flatter yourself. You're a wanker. Real pirates have honor.

Titus Balls > We discussed as a group and we all agreed your fit was terrible. If you would like we could show you a better fit? To be honest taking that fitting out of service was the best thing we could do. Like taking a sick budgie to the vet to end it's misery, so really we did you a favour.

Inge Hatje > I was fitted for rats, not sociopaths.
Titus Balls > We're just rats with better AI

Inge Hatje > So what was wrong with my fit? I think it was probably okay if I stayed in High-sec. I haven't got the skills to outfit a ship that could take on 3 pirates. Plus killing my pod is too extreme. If you guys were smart you would hold someone in place and send them a contract for protection.
Titus Balls > Yea if we were smart. But we're also here to kick ass and chew bubblegum - and this is lowsec, there is no bubblegum.

Inge Hatje > Demand a percentage of anything they find. Plus a fee to enter. You could be big guys in your space, but now your just bullies. You would get plenty of kills from people that won't pay up. or can't.
Titus Balls > YOU CALLING ME FAT? I have a gladular problem :(
Inge Hatje > Are Bullies fat where you hail from?

Inge Hatje > See, I won't be back into your space now. But you could have milked me for months.
Titus Balls > Well that brain is now splattered all over our system - oh well
Inge Hatje > Once. I will never be back. Killed the golden goose.
Titus Balls > I feel ripped off I onyl got a 100m bounty
Inge Hatje > That's all I gave Bruno Bagden. He just had a high bounty already.You guys don't seem to have a real game plan. Need a manager?
Titus Balls > That's ok - you dont' seem to have a concept of money in this game judging by your fit and implants and comign into lowsec with - i'd be worried you spend it all on blingy ships for us to fly
Inge Hatje > You know how to fit ships. I wouldn't interfere with that.But couldn't you use somebody without a bounty or wanted sign to scan ships before they enter your space?
Titus Balls > BTW you know you could have put a bounty on the whole corp instead of just me and Bogdan? Nope - we jump in feet first and hope for the best it's the best way really

Inge Hatje > I don't have a problem with the corp. But no I didn't.You guys are more concerened about your bounties than making ISK.
Titus Balls > That's why we're lowsec pirates
Inge Hatje > Is there a single ship that can survive a wolf-pack? You weren't taking any chances with me. I didn't arrive to fight, anyway.Pirates want to be rich. You need another term.
Titus Balls > Yea a better fit Gnosis
Inge Hatje > You think a better fit Gnosis would have repelled you all?
Titus Balls > You could come back and try
Inge Hatje > I've only been on less than 30 days. I don't have the skills to outfit a better Gnosis. I think I did pretty good for a noob.
Titus Balls > Don't fly them, fly frigates and smaller ships - not blingy ships
Inge Hatje > Blingy? I had like one module that I was trying out. The rest were power. At least the best power I'm allowed to buy.
Titus Balls > OK, protip - I've been playing this game on and off for 5-6 years now - I don't buy Faction fittings You definetly shouldn't before 30 days - or you'll be a target for the likes of us
Inge Hatje > I agree.
Titus Balls > train up T2 small ships up to cruiser, stick to lvl 3's and hi-sec plexing for a while - you'll do fine there if you want to PvP - don't fly expensive ships because you'll die a lot
nge Hatje > But the faction fittings I used were rated the same as a level two items I wasn't qualified for.
Titus Balls > Stick to meta 4 at the most, for the most part most of us fit T2 and meta
Inge Hatje > Yes, I was surprised to see frigates, honestly.
Titus Balls > If one part of your ship costs more than the rest of your whole ship at this level, you're doing ti wrong TBH one could have probabyl taken you out with that fitting
nge Hatje > I just can't tank a frigate p[roperly yet skillwise.
itus Balls > then you definetly shouldn't be in lowsec
Inge Hatje > I was just jumping on a mission. Went through to the first astroid belt, killed some rats and then one of you showed up and I ran.
Inge Hatje > I appreciate your advice.
Titus Balls > Yea, watch where a mission sends you,and rememebr you're still not safe in hisec either - but you'll be more safe there
Inge Hatje > My first gank was in 1.0 space.Lost a billion and a half.
Titus Balls > ........
Inge Hatje > Want to know how I was ganked?
Inge Hatje > The criminal was a -10 security.He can travel through highsec space as long as he is in a capsule.
Titus Balls > k, well i'm going to go now - got pirating to do.  Please please stop spending so much.....or please continue and drop by again, we'd love you see you
Titus Balls > Stay Frosty o7
Inge Hatje > Hi alt or an accomplise tows a ship to a gate. When the right ship comes along he enters the towed ship, jumps ahead of the mark and blasts them as soon as they come out of stealth.
Titus Balls > yep that'll happen

Kudos to Titus for handling that convo exactly the right way, well done. There is a very fine line between being a pirate and also being helpful. Nicely done.

So Mr. Gnosis puts bounties on some of the pilots in the attacking gang. I think he probably did this while he was still extremely angry because the values are across the board. From 1m, to 100m and...

From: Inge Hatje
Sent: 2013.09.03 22:16
To: Mixu Paatelainen, 

Somebody can't count. He is over 1 billion right now.

Yeah, that happened.

He wanted Mixu to kill his Corp mates to collect the bounty. I believe he was slightly confused over how bounties actually work in Eve:

From: Inge Hatje
Sent: 2013.09.03 22:21
To: Mixu Paatelainen, 

You have until 23:15 to kill them or my bounty will be retracted.

Mixu tried to gain his trust and get him back into system, but the lines of communication seem to have collapsed around the time he figured out that bounties can't be retracted.

I was waiting to write this post in case anything further came of this, but it seems to be finished now. If anything develops, I'll let you know.

And kids, just a reminder. We are pirates and we love bounties. Putting a bounty on a Pirate does nothing but make that Pirate feel better about himself. The only person that notices is the person that has the bounty. I have never once paid any attention to a pilot's bounty until I get that notification from Concord telling me what I've won.


  1. That was painful to read. But ...

    I agree with him about one point; I don't consider you guys to be pirates -- just criminals. You're after tears, killmails and bounties. Pirates are after profit. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    I cringe when I read my own thoughts so long ago about pvp and criminals. Well, some of them anyway.

    Also, someone in charge of loot drops hates you.

    And, hi Mixu! Thought I remembered a name from the old days with Beegees.

    1. Parity - "just criminals" wow m8, you really hurt my feelings there. I get ALL my faction mods from loot. When possible I ransom the pods of the rich, kill the pods of the stupid and let the pods of the valiant go free. I (we) have several lucrative scams and/or protection rackets running which generate some decent isk for the corp. And I've been -10 now for over three years. Not to mention other things that make me (us) more than "just" anything. And while I am no fan of labels, I'm challenged to call us (me) anything other than Pirates.

    2. I take it back. I did not realize you had a code

      All I typically see you writing about is tears and how you enjoy them. To me, that is not at all related to piracy. Exploding pods without offering ransom is really peeing in your own Wheaties. If the pilot had implants, now he's going to use isk to replace them -- that's isk he now doesn't have to buy more mods (which you can plunder) or pay as ransom (which you didn't offer). Sure, some pilots won't pay ransom -- but to not offer it is bad form.

      My definition of piracy is similar to what you posted today so now I have to go over there and agree with you.

    3. Well I have my own "Code" when it comes to podding.

      If someone gives me what I consider to be a "good fight" I'll let his pod go free to fight another day.

      If its older player, or one in a 'blingy' ship, then I offer ransom.

      Younger players, or foul-mouthed local chatters, haters, runners, cowards, bastards of all types, get themselves podded for their own good.

    4. When I said "younger players" at the end there, I meant they don't have isk to ransom. I usually point them and try to convo them if time allows before letting them go. Unless they are carebear types, for some reason I just like podding carebears.

    5. Would you provide your definition of 'carebear'? It's a slippery, 'eye of the beholder' sort of term.

    6. I'd have to think on it a bit more to give you a definition. But anyone mining in a belt, circling an object with 3x WCS, shooting red dots in a mission, those kind of people in general.

  2. As the pirate king I declare these fine young men as pirates.

  3. I don't know of any pirates that are after profit. If you make some money occasionally, that's cool. But we don't blow things up for money; those are _mercenaries_.

    1. Mercenaries get paid by a third party to blow up stuff. Pirates are out to collect loot for themselves. By blowing ships up if necessary, ransoming as opportunities arise, and running protection rackets.

      Those that blow stuff up for fun and not for profit are not pirates.

    2. Bullshit.

      Pirates can do whatever they want, when they want, and only stop for a break when the rum is gone.

    3. Pirates engage in criminal activities in sea. In eve it's in a virtual space. All to say that there isn't a difference between criminals or pirates. Furthermore, the main intent of a pirate (criminal) is to get isk from his victims. If you go to low sec just to have fun, while killing people then you're just a killer.

      I also noticed that people have a big Hollywood idea about how real pirates were. Most of them had no honor and really didn't give a shit about it. They would commonly board merchant ships and slaved their crew. Others, would simply kill everyone on board and grab the loot and run away.

      Anyway, Titus really has a lot of patience. I never wasted even half the time speaking with someone who I killed. Nice work.

  4. Shhh... If you tell them all how bounties actually work, they'll stop putting them on us!

  5. Rixx's dirty little secret is that he's really an anarchist. Don't tell the other Frostys, though. They think they're pirates. ;)

    1. I guess the good thing about anarchists is that I can claim to be a pirate and go “fuck the law“ if he sais otherwise


  6. You think that's a bad fit? Look what I found a few weeks ago :)

  7. As the pirate king I declare these fine young men as pirates.