The Rubicon

I've deliberately waited to speak about my thoughts regarding the upcoming Winter expansion. I wanted to let things sink in a bit, plus I've been very busy losing my job, fighting a War, and generally having a blast with Stay Frosty.

My opinion about expansions is probably a tad different than other player's opinions about expansions. Which I'm guessing you probably already figured would be the case. I'll mention right up front that CCP could have walked away from Eve around the time Apocrypha came out and I would still be playing and perfectly content to do so. I'm not a huge fan of "Jesus" features, frankly the last time CCP tried ratcheting the epic we got Incarna. So I'd much rather they stop trying to do that.

"Additional" game play features are great however and I'd much rather see more expansion and growth on existing features, a steady continuing re-balance of ship classes, new (small) stuff added, and the continuing effort to make Eve a tad more friendly to new players.

And guess what? That is exactly what Rubicon is.

In other words, I am perfectly content with incremental free expansion progress that improves the game, adds new content and generally seems to be non-intrusive to existing game mechanics. Plus we get two new shiny, white Sisters of Eve ships which are pretty awesome looking. Hopefully this means even more faction ships will be coming soon.

We're also getting some player structures, some ships that transform, interceptors that fly thru bubbles (!!), and other things yet to be fully announced. Mostly likely because they don't want to make anyone mad if they don't happen.

Let's drop the re-cap and get to the important issue... what the Hell is this?!?!

Unless my eyes have betrayed me, those are Badgers building a Gate. We've got nothing much to go on here, a few words about new space, player built or controlled Gates perhaps, blah blah. The sheer idea encapsulated in this piece of concept art is simply mind-bottling.

If you haven't noticed, I'm ok with what we know about Rubicon. Nothing to write home about, but Eve will be better after it is released, more interesting, more engaging, and there are new things to play around with and explode.

And sure, I'd love it if CCP addressed the really big issues, like Null Sec Sov mechanics, or POSs, or stuff like that. But I'd also rather they not screw them up trying to fix them either. Goodness knows they could be much worse than they are now.

We keep getting new, FREE expansions, and that is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it. The rest is gravy.

More later.


  1. From a certain angle, it looks like CCP could be dealing with POSes by routing around them.

    1. Not necessarily a bad thing either. If the POS code is such a spaghetti mess that they can't fix little things, it makes much more sense to write new code based off the new space yurt than to try to rewrite the current POSs.

      Modular POSs, Coming Soon(TM)

  2. Great to see a positive article. Lots of bittervets out there. I like Eve as it is now and I like how CCP is iterating the game. Ship rebalancing has had a significant impact in FW, null, markets and tourni play. All these little features combine in new and interesting ways. Importantly it feels like CCP have a plan and that we are moving towards something bigger.

  3. To me, the best thing about Rubicon is the revamped certificate system, and making the mastery level visible right there on the Ship info window.

    The other stuff about shiny new ships and modules is pleasing, but don't start singing the praises of the new revamped player-owned-industry system until we have a deployable module that can handle research jobs and have access enabled to strangers for a fee.

  4. This is only the second blog post about the Rubicon announcement (out of maybe the dozen I've read today) that actually focuses on the good aspects of what was announced instead of complaining that it's not enough. The only way I can see for CCP to win here is to have some sort of huge, awesome feature that they don't announce until they publish a dev blog on it a day before it goes live. (It makes consulting the CSM for feedback on the matter all the more important.) It's a matter of expectations vs reality. And, as you bring up, we're getting some pretty awesome stuff. Really, we are. But as a community, we're really good at hyping ourselves up and building our expectations so big that nothing CCP does can fulfill them.

  5. I just want more ships

  6. Why badgers in that screenshot? Wouldn't an orca, or the new epithal/miasmos/kryos be better for moving large loads?
    Or in the caase of new regions: You have to enter a system through wormhole space and then you might be able to cyno in a jump freighter? Or make the new region to distant to cyno too.

  7. Mostly I am holding off on judgement until more details are available. There are many things about Rubicon that remain unanswered, or in need of further explanation.

  8. Perhaps there'll be a new construction turret high-slot module which will squirt materials from the cargo hold at a space scaffold to contribute to constructing super-massive objects like stargates. That'd make haulers the best tools for the job, right? Especially if it's material that goes in their new specialist cargo bays.