Full Free Ship Disclosure

In the spirit of full disclosure I would like to freely admit to all the free ships that CCP has given me over the last five years.


Oh I remember. Earlier this year I got my choice of a single Pirate Rookie ship. CCP gave these out at Fanfest and, since I am poor and can't jet off to Iceland, they gave me one. I believe they did this to all the registered Fan-sites. I picked the Immolator because I liked the way it looked. I have it fitted in my hanger and I try to kill Ventures with it.

And once, about three years ago, CCP gave me a Zealot. This was in response to the one and only Petition I have ever won. My own Zealot was killed due to a freaky station incident down in Syndicate and it was returned to me shortly afterwards. I'm really not sure this counts, but I want to come clean.

And, just like everyone else, I get those year-end freebie ships and whatnots. I really appreciate those, so I hope this new round of rage doesn't ruin that tradition.

I was on the road yesterday tweeting and I may have mistakingly stated that CCP had given me free ships in support or response to the many live player events I've hosted over the years. I apologize if I was misconstrued or if I stated that fact in error. CCP has not done so. I have received many, many wonderful player gifts over the years in support of the events and CCP has certainly done a lot to support those events ( thank you! ) but handing out FREE ships hasn't been part of it.

Just to reiterate, when it comes to events everything I get in - goes back out. 100% in, 100% out. That has always been my policy and will continue to be as long as I am running events in-game. I have never once profited from an event. I know, I kick myself sometimes, but that's the way I do things.

Players do sometimes gift me ships by the way. And I appreciate all of the wonderful gifts that I have gotten over the years. Those that give know that I will fit them up, undock and fight with them. I am a ship collector that explodes his collection.

I will admit that I liked getting the Pirate Rookie ship from CCP. I also enjoy the free gifts at the end of every year. The non-combat ships I usually sell to buy more combat ships, but the idea is a great one. If I was fortunate enough to receive a free ship from CCP I would fit it up and undock it. If it was super special then I'd most likely create an event out of it and let you people shoot it in some creative way.

The other day I saw a Chremoas on scan! I announced it in Corp chat and everyone came running into the system. I figured out who the pilot was and started talking to him in local. And while it would've been nice to trap the ship and kill it, the most important thing to me was having the chance to see it. So I finally convinced the pilot to de-cloak and let us have a look at it. Which he did. And for a moment, Eve wasn't about death and destruction, it was simply about Spaceship porn.

I love spaceships. It's what keeps me coming back to Eve. It is why I have over 100 fully fitted ships in my hanger ready to go at a moment's notice. It is why I must have the newest thing, why I bought a Tornado/Naga/Talos/Oracle the very first day and the same with every other new ship introduced. Even though the first day is the worstest day to buy new ships. I don't care, I gotta have one. To spin while I figured out how to fit it and then undock and see it in the glory of space.

If, somewhere along the line, someone at CCP had thought enough of me and my efforts in support of Eve to gift me a special ship - I would be honored. I would not expect them to announced the gift to the world and would expect them to allow me the opportunity to decide for myself how to proceed. Of course I would blog about it immediately. That is my nature.

I wouldn't be ashamed of getting such a gift. I would be proud of it. If it was a non-combat ship then I'd probably sell it, but more than likely I'd be fitting it up right now to undock and play with. That is also my nature.

I'm as quick to give CCP a hard time as anyone. Goodness knows. But I'm really struggling to find a wrong here. I freely admit that I don't get it. I'd much rather CCP give out special ships than ISK, or special favors, or gold ammo, or any of a dozen other horribly imagined possibilities. Wouldn't you?

I imagine every scandal in light of a simple litmus test - If you didn't know about it, would it still affect your game?


I just hope this hasn't ruined the free gift giving at the end of the year, for the rest of us. Cause I enjoyed that.


  1. Welp, if another Jita riot starts over this one, I'll be the one in the T1 Scorp jamming the monument and screaming "BUFF THE iSCORP!" into local. Because what it is right now, is a fancy paint job slapped on a lemon, which is even worse than a frill-less Vagabond. At least the no-frill Vaga had some punch to it, even if it wasn't quite as classy.

    1. Oh sure, if there is a Jita riot I'd probably be there... oh wait, I can't go into Jita!!

  2. I just do not get the rage. Sure it was done in SEKRIT, at one time I owned my own business there are a LOT of things done in SEKRIT. Somer has done a bunch for the community, as well there are other organizations, groups, teams and individuals that have done a bunch for the community. I do not know that I would give them all something special, sure it would be warm and fuzzy. Would it better the community support by "homogenizing" the efforts? I do not think so, this is akin to the new program of giving every kid a ribbon in elementary because you do not want one to feel left out.
    I have friends in some of these other "community" thingies, they happen to make a lot of isk off of their efforts. Most of them that raged did so for a bit then *CCP* and went back to their work, which by the way, do not let anyone fool you, they do it for themselves. Even my good friend Rixx, he does what he does for himself, because he likes supporting his interests, it makes him feel good. It also benefits the rest of us and most of us appreciate that.
    To the rest of you, CCP is giving away free stuff occasionally, this stuff is worth a LOT of ISK, feel free to create a site,service, happy fun time for EVE, sink a massive amount of your personal time, and in some cases a lot of money, and get rewarded. Until then, in a cold harsh game, any press, even bad press, is good advertising.

  3. "If you didn't know about it, would it still affect your game?" - That's a good question Rixx. I suppose all the money people give James315 affects the games of some people... to their anger and detriment. The free ships people give you affect both your game and the games of the people you shoot with them. The non-combat ships you receive and sell for isk that you use to buy other combat ships affect the games of others too. But there is a difference here, because this stuff comes from players.

    Now let's imagine that CCP gifted you a 15 billion isk ship... the IW Scorp is kind of a bad ship, but you could sell it to a collector for quite a bit. How much could you affect the games of others with 15 billion direct from CCP? If those players didn't know CCP gave that to you would it still affect their gameplay?

    1. Let me ask you this then, CCP pays for my sub - they have for over two years now - do you think that affects any one else's game? I think your answer would reveal a lot about how you view this issue.

    2. It is not "15 billion direct from CCP" it is 15 billion direct from the wallet of some "collector". Some people view this as a direct ISK gift, when in fact it is something along the lines of what CCP considers an "ISK Sink" Sure it would effect the game of some others if the person selling the ship was to buy a bunch of stuff and undock it one right after the other in PVP. This is called content, which is a good thing. In some cases it would just remove static isk from one wallet to another, which..... I guess would effect the game play of 2 people.
      AND, even knowing about it, put your feelings for the act aside, how has it effected your game? Probably 0, just like it has effected my game 0. It has reduced my productivity at work though.... :P

    3. @Rixx, that depends. I play Eve on a 3 month sub, comes out to just under $13 a month I think. If CCP gave me a free sub, I'd save $13 a month, I'd still be playing Eve. I suppose I could take the money and buy a plex with it every 3 months, but I would more likely use it for something else, like a family night out, or buying a game on steam. I view plex as a very inefficient way to pay for Eve, paying almost as much for 2 months game time as I pay for 3 months, and I have better things to do with my in game money that spend 600m a month on game time. 1.8 billion is worth more to be than $38, and according to the exchange rate, I'm right, since at current plex prices 1.8 billion is actually worth $55.73. Now that is a very long way of saying, "it depends, but not necessarily"

      @Min It's 15 billion you have as a direct result of a gift from CCP, and I tell you from experience when I say I can fuck up a lot of people's days with 15 billion. Send it to me and I will show you. :)

    4. Oh! Also, you can't take that free game time you got from CCP and sell it Rixx.

    5. I have had the great luck to drain every bit of isk from some broken mechanics in the game over the years. I grant you that my wallet has an effect on the game, in various places, on various characters. At the end of the day it is all content, for me, for the people who blow me up on what even toon I happen to be flying, and for the people who's day-week-month I have ruined. I continue to defend the point that this is all content, which is good for the game. Besides 15 billion is not a lot of ISK anymore.

    6. *no edit function* "drain a good bit of isk"

    7. We're talking about broken mechanics that anyone could have taken advantage of with the know how to do it. Not about CCP dropping you an e-mail saying "Hey buddy, since we're such good friends, let me tell you about a little known exploit we'll be patching in a few weeks that you can use to make bank" and it's still a damn sight different from "Hey, thanks for being awesome, we love you, so here's some free shit you can sell, trade, or whatever."

    8. Actually, that last quote should be "Hey, thanks for being awesome, we love you, so here's some free shit you can sell, trade, or whatever. we won't tell if you wont *wink*"

    9. Yes, I can also screw up a lot of people's game with 15b isk. And I want to be clear, I'm not a gambler and I think SOMER and other services like them make enough isk already, so I'm not really in support of them being given extra bling.

      But that is a different issue than the practice of giving gifts to someone because CCP decides they believe their efforts are worthy of special recognition. Like someone being giving free play time for example.

      I don't want a CCP cut off from the community. And you don't either. The giving out of special recognition and the decision to give SOMER ships are two different issues. Trying to wrap them all up together is a mistake imo.

    10. Giving to the "community" and giving to a business that makes good "money" while making you more money are two very different things.
      If you are a leader in your industry, or work for a leader in your industry and you use a lot of product X from vendor X and you recommend product X and vendor X every chance you get.... Then vendor X shows up every month and buys you hunting licenses, buys your shells and takes you hunting on private hunting reserves, and lets you take up to 4 people to the reserve whenever you want... That is just business, you are not supposed to tell everyone about it, you are supposed to keep it quiet. I do understand this eve thing is slightly different. But, end of the day Somer increases CCP's bottom line by giving people a reason to buy plex and gamble, (others do too) and CCP rewards them for doing so. I guess I still do not see the problem in any of this.
      Disclaimer: "I do not get to hunt for free on free hunting licenses with free ammo and free bows, arrows and bolts, or use the "free" clubhouse where there is free food and drink. nor do I get to sell my friends hunting trips that I get for free."

    11. FunkyBacon: Consider the fact that a subscription is roughly equal to a plex a month. (slightly less because you can get them cheaper than PLEX, but you can also buy PLEX on sale...) This means that Rixx's free sub is arguably worth 6B ISK a year. If we want to go with 3*$13 = $39, it's only worth 4B ISK a year. That means that, in around 3 years, you'll get the same amount of ISK-convertible stuff from CCP out of a free sub if you bought PLEX with the money you would have spent on your subscription. Is that really so much less than the value of the iScorp?

      I still wish these handouts were public, myself, but I'm coming around to the "not a big deal" side of things.

    12. Except that giving someone game time is non transferable. While it may be construed as extra ISK in that player's wallet IF they are a player who only pays for game time with plex, if they actually pay any of the subs, the in game affect is 0 UNLESS they use their money to buy plex and cash in with it, which is kind of silly when you think about it.

  4. the whole thing started cuz xander is butt hurt cuz he didnt get one. simple as that. personally i think the SCL guys deserve something, thats more weekends then id be willing to spend on the test server stream lining the tourny process FOR CCP. But you know crossing zebras totally does lots of work for CCP. those guys got the ships cuz they are pretty much putting in free dev time for future NEO and AT. I'm ok with that.

  5. I don't mind CCP handing out free ships to reward people who help the community. SCL? Sounds to me to be a worthwhile iScorp give away. Guys who do what they do for little or no reward. But Somer? They get paid a lot of ISK, I heard a plex a month plus 100m+ ISK per hour? No idea if that is true or not. Somer is not run for the love of the game, its run to make lots and lots of money. Again nothing wrong with that. But why would CCP reward someone for doing something they get paid very well for?

    Just imaging you are sat at your desk/workstation/workbench or where ever you work in real life.

    Suit: Mr /yourname?
    You: Yes?
    Suit: I am from the government. We see you are doing this job and earning a decent wage.
    You: Erm.... well I think I should be paid a bit more, but who doesn't. Why are you here?
    Suit: We'd like to give you this brand new Mercedes Benz.
    You: Huh? What? Why?
    Suit: For doing a job that you get paid for.
    You: Erm.... OK..... erm..... thanks?

    Yes Somer sponsors events, but that is for advertising to increase brand awareness, increase the customer base and increase profit. Its a commercial enterprise. So why are CCP 'doubly rewarding' these people with 15bn ISK ships. I can think of a lot more people who do masses for the community (The guys who make Aura and EFT apps, Mark726, Sindel, Chribba, Eve Uni, RvB) for nothing.

    That's before the very underhanded way its been done.

  6. Well... to be honest, I expected a bit more appreciation for the sandbox and EVE's nature from you, Rixx.

    And I can assure I'm not jealous of you - I gave you a (small, in comparison) gift in the past and I'm happy to hear that CCP values your contribution to EVE as well. But directly handing out ISK is just not the way to go here. The difference between me or CCP giving you a gift is that there's a consequence for me - I don't have that ISK anymore which puts a handicap on me.

    Same for Somer Blink - I never cared much for the players winning huge prizes, because for every such winner there was a loser shouldering all of that debt. It's a miserable concept of life IMHO but it is balanced.

    People contributing to the community (yes, even Somer Blink) should be rewarded in some way - but never, NEVER EVER with ISK.
    Personally, I'd say to give them spotlights, medals or badges next to their name in game. Next time I meet them in game I can be sure to recognize, greet and "treat them accordingly".

    And yes - it does affect everyone else in some way, because blowing up someone else's ship comes partly with the appreciation that this person might feel the ISK loss of that ship. But who knows if your next target isn't just another dude who - pardon the crudeness - got a 10-20 bil battleship shoved up his ass for free lately and doesn't give a rat's ass about the fight you just had with him?

    I'm beginning to think that even World of Warcraft has a more pure sandbox than EVE has, if this is really how CCP handled things in the past and is going to continue doing so. It's good for them that they make community contributors happy because they're going to need it if they lose the trust of their "normal" customers in return.

  7. About 15,000 ships a DAY are exploded in New Eden. That is over 5 MILLION ships a year. And we are seriously that concerned about 100 or so? I have to say your sandbox is a tad more fragile than the one I play in.

    1. So because it's only a small number, corruption may be tolerated? At what percentage do you draw the line, Rixx?

    2. You are making out like I'm on someone's side here and I am not. So stop doing that. Well, granted I am on Eve's side as I always am. As I've stated before, many times, I am actually against gambling. So let's start there. I believe it corrupts and that is all that it does. Those are facts proven time and time again. Secondly, I do not support the gifting of ships to 'for-profit 3rd parties' for any reason and I've never stated that I do.

      I do however strongly support the involvement of CCP in their game and with their community. I support that because it is good for Eve and it is good for the community. While I agree CCP is most likely in error on this incident, the entire story has not been revealed and the facts are not in. Starting a witch hunt based on the available facts, over a singular incident is not wise. Especially when the result could easily be the further withdrawing of CCP from the community.


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