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One of the best things about leading the most incredibly awesome Corporation in all of New Eden is the people you meet along the way, the talented and dedicated individuals that participate in your crazy dream. We have a lot of those in Stay Frosty, I would argue that every single person is incredibly awesome! And I'd be right.

I would like to mention one today however, and one you should be following over on his Twitch Channel - Titus Balls. (And no, I couldn't resist the headline to this post!)

Titus is a young pilot with endless enthusiasm and willingness to learn, participate and explode. He is Stay Frosty in action and we are very fortunate to have him among the lunatics.

Plus there are tons of video in his stream with me in them!! Like the one above where we take down a Vexor with five frigates, I dc half-way into the fight, Titus warps to the wrong medium plex and gets blapped by a Thrasher, Harry hangs on till the last second, and I re-log to grab point right before the Vexor can get away. It's good stuff.



  1. That pilot also is a enourmous asshole (at least to people in local).

    1. Believe it or not there are people out there, and I know this is hard to believe, that don't like me either. Shocker I know.

    2. Lies. There are no assholes in EVE Online.

    3. Unfortunately, you're spot on about Titus. That's exactly how he distinguishes himself.

    4. Why thank you

    5. Dear anonymous,
      Go fuck yourself.
      Love Harri

  2. Being an asshole isn't such a bad thing. At least people will remember you.

  3. IAO - Immortal Assholes Online ... working title for eve during development. True Story ;)

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