Too Weird to Die

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I saw this t-shirt for sale this morning and couldn't resist. Many thanks to 6amcrisis for the artwork, all rights reserved, go visit his site and buy something!


Stay Frosty member Veskin Sentinel, whose blog is here, has an extremely interesting project in the works that he needs some support for.

It is called the Black Pearl Project and... well, I'll let him tell you:

"It is a fan project aiming to provide concepts and artwork to the EVE community and developers. What I've shared on the site and blog is a tiny bit of what is currently written in the main draft document. 

Sadly, no one has really shown interest to it, so I'm getting a bit lonely here. I really hope to get some people involved in this project, will be super good if there was an entire team behind it, providing goodness in Art and Concepts for our stellar realm. I mean new stuff - new spaceships concept, modules concepts, game concepts, some beautiful sceneries, stories - all aiming to enrich our EVE."

So get yourself over to the Black Pearl Project and let Veskin hear from you.


The comment thread on this Reddit post is extremely interesting. The Siphon unit coming in Rubicon is probably the single most interesting and potentially beneficial new element for people like me. I'll be curious to see what the full, developed features and benefits will be. Hopefully CCP will stick to their guns and make it something worthwhile.


And because I've had to listen to it a zillion times in the last week, I'll share this:


What is the most important thing to do when you fall off a horse? Get right back up and try again.

Eve is no different. You cannot be defeated. You will be re-born and have an endless amount of chances. Always remember this. No one can tell you what to do, how to act, how to fly, or how to play the game you want to play. Don't let them. The only way you lose is when you allow yourself to lose. Individual fights, bad days, horrible luck? These things happen to us all. I've never let anything stop me and neither should you.

And that's it for today's inspirational speech.

More tomorrow.