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Also check out this comparison video.

It was one of those changes announced in the upcoming Rubicon expansion that didn't get a lot of attention in the first few weeks. But from the moment the words came out of CCP's mouth, it was what I believed to be the single most important and significant change in all of Rubicon. And I honestly don't believe it would be grossly over-stating to say, perhaps since Incarna.

First of all, I applaud the change. It is about time. Small ships should warp faster than larger ships, it only makes sense. Heck, we've been taught to believe it since we started learning how to FC fleets. 'Ceptors go get tackle!!

But to actually have it work!?!?

From my own perspective as a low sec hunter, this is rather a big deal. Think about this with me for a moment from the perspective of the hunted. The reaction time between me popping into local and me pew-pewing your face is significantly less. I'm going to let that fact sink in for a moment.

Beginning to see the picture? Eve just got quicker. By a couple of degrees. Not "faster" exactly, but quicker. The actual tactics we learned as null-sec FCs will finally be the actual in-game reality. Sending the small, fast ships ahead to get tackle might really work. Heck, they might even get there BEFORE the enemy fleet arrives. Especially with Interceptor bubble immunity thrown in to the mix. lol.

This change rocks the world. Sit and think about it for a few minutes.

But don't take long, you'll be pointed by a pirate.


  1. damn skippy this change is awesome. I'm fairly sure i spent at least half an hour blathering about it last night recording the latest FR. its going to be strange listening back i think....

  2. I'm curious at your thoughts regarding Helicity Boson's position, which is this change is a massive nerf to the pirate lifestyle since pirate can and will be pointed by FW interceptors sitting on gates but the pirates won't be able to do the same in return.

    1. Uh, well frankly I hope that happens and they point us a lot frankly. That would be a welcome change from all the cloaking, stabbing and running away they typically do.

      In all seriousness, I don't see it being an issue at all. Beyond the change in general.

    2. And it has nothing to do with the change to warp speed but to gategun mechanics, so no change there.

    3. What change to gate gun mechanics? I missed that one?


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