#1 Tristan Video

This is the very first PvP video by Stay Frosty's very own Tristan Terror Joffy Aulx-Gao.

Any PvP enthusiast will almost immediately notice that Joffy does not use hot-keys in combat. And if your first reaction is negative, I would caution you before you go any further. Without giving away anything, let me assure you that he is unable to use hot-keys in the way that you or I might, and leave it at that. I consider Joffy a true blue virtual friend and I am proud to have him in Stay Frosty, but just know that not everyone's life is as perfect as yours might be.

Joffy personifies the exact ideals that Stay Frosty was founded on, a profound love of Eve and the sublime beauty that is player combat.

I'm looking forward to many more videos from him. Enjoy his first one, I did.


  1. Amazing vid. May have to try that fit out.

  2. Quite inspiring. I thought I had copied one of Joffy's tristan builds but as I'm watching this video he's orbitting a lot closer than I thought he should be... but then saw is ammo and was curious why my build has rails :(.


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