Dear Venture Miner

Just another in a long line of AFK Ventures mining in Low Sec. Nothing special. Except for Stay Frosty pilot Este DeStirr's response and his kind letter to the 3-day old newbie, reprinted here with permission.


Greetings from Stay Frosty, a pirate corporation headquartered in nearby Hevrice, land of Golden Asteroids. Hevrice, Muetralle, and neighboring lands are in what is called Low Sec, or Low Security Space, and are the domain of brigands, pirates, factional warfare patriots, and miners who have learned to apply some wits. In Hi-Sec, where you started out and outfitted your fetching Venture mining frigate, CONCORD will come to your aid (and at least avenge you) if miscreants, gankers or ne’er-do-wells attempt to harm you.

No such aid awaits in Lo-Sec, and if I had not wandered by to marvel that you were mining in Lo-Sec while AFK, someone else would have.

Do not despair, intrepid miner! Heady days of extracting millions of ISK worth of…. well, whatever from space rocks lay ahead of you, if you can remember certain keys to not dying to folks like me:

- Stay in Hi-Sec (system security level 0.5 or above) until you learn to use the Directional Scanner and where all the buttons are on your pod.
- Your Venture is a snazzy little pain in the pirate posterior due to coming equipped from the factory with not one, but two extra warp core stabilizers, which means that you can easily escape all but the most determined pirate simply by pointing to a nearby station, gate, or sun and pressing “WARP TO”, leaving the pirate to curse Outer Ring Excavations engineers. Practice this before setting up in an asteroid belt.

Please understand that this was not personal, it’s like hitting a pirate’s knee with a hammer. We see a venture, we have to try and kill it. Nasty little buggers.

As a token of my appreciation that you’re new to New Eden’s darker corners and this was likely a very confusing experience, allow me to reimburse you for your ship and trouble.

A couple more notes:

- You don’t need the cargo hold expander on a venture. It has a ludicrously large ore hold that the expander won’t affect.
- The webifier is useless to you - train some shield skills and fit a basic invulnerability field along with your shield booster.
- Fit a damage control in the lows - it’s the best and easiest way to survive long enough to get into warp.


Este “Not Shaken” DeStirr


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  2. Wow - nice to see humour and helpfulness combined :)

  3. Great Scott!
    You mean we can be decent people to those we kill?!?!?