Event Planning in Eve

This Sunday's FFA will be the tenth live event I've organized in the last five years. That doesn't count the countless other events I've helped with, created art for, or attended, over my playing career. That is a lot of experience.

A few people have written me recently asking for advice and I thought, rather than write them each back individually, I'd write a post in response. So that I could share some hard-earned advice with all of you.

So here goes. RJ's Guide to building a live event in Eve.

1. Be Legit

I'm extremely proud of the fact that every dime I've collected, since the very first DeathRace five years ago, has been put back into my events and given back out to those that participated. Every dime. This is Eve after all, and being trustworthy is not an easy place to get to. It takes time, energy and dedication to build that kind of trust in New Eden. It is hard-won, but the rewards are great. Now, when I ask for donations and support, people know it isn't a scam and that their efforts will go where they are supposed to go.

But being legit is critical, unless you want to be a "one and done" scammer I suppose.

2. Start Small

That first DeathRace five years ago? Fifty participants. But everyone that came had a blast and enjoyed themselves. And we still managed to give away nearly 4b in prizes. But what that event did was set the stage for every other event that came after it. You have to start somewhere and keeping your scope manageable, your reach within reach, and your goals attainable is critical that first time.

3. A Great Hook

"DeathRace", "Frigate Free for All", "Thukk You! Frill Me!" these are all examples of a great hook line, something that catches the imagination and helps to clearly define your event. It's catchy and people remember it. And it helps to sell your event. And you are going to have to work hard to sell your event.

4. Hard Work

There are no shortcuts, the more you put in, the more you get back. Breaking thru the clutter of Eve is extremely difficult. Everyone is busy, everyone has a schedule, play-times, RL issues, yadda yadda. Why should they break that cycle and come to your stupid event? Be prepared for an insane amount of work, preparation, coordination, all the million little details that you forgot. Keep good records, plan ahead, anticipate problems and then go right on and never give up. Because that is the key to ultimate success, keep moving forward. Fake it till you make it.

5. Promotion

It helps to be a Master of Media like me, but even the beginner can learn to take advantage of the tools that are available. Certainly this blog makes for a great platform, but Twitter, Facebook, G+, forums, every outlet can be used to get the message out. I've learned that there is a specific cycle to each of those tools and learning when and how to use each one is important.

I am my events greatest advocate. When I am hauling crap thru hi-sec in my alt, do you know what I do? I paste links in local. Does it help? I dunno, but it might.

The most important thing is "want to". You gotta want to. If you are half-assed or unsure, then don't bother. Big things never happen without prep, dedication and insanity. Ask anyone.

So get out there and make things happen. I look forward to attending.


  1. I can vouch for this service. Rixx knows how to help throw a space party - even if he doesn't always turn up himself. ;)

    1. Hey! I was there for the first half until I got exploded by that gate camp. lolz. RL sucks.