FFA: Progress

The official Event Forum thread is now up and running, be sure to take a moment and "like" it, share it and otherwise give it a good home.

Response and support have been incredible as the donations continue to roll in, we have some incredible prizes to give out. I was supposed to announce the prizes today, but we had an huge amount of donations come in yesterday that messed everything up! In a good way, so prizes will be announced on Friday now.

We continue to struggle in getting everything together, Pirates are not the best at logistics! But things are going well despite our Cynos being killed and huge gangs moving thru at the worst possible moments. lol. Many thanks to our special supporters who came thru with some awesome ISK gifts yesterday, you guys saved us. Sincere thanks.

I got the forum thread up as planned, you don't want to put those up too soon or people forget. This will be the 10th Live Event I've organized in five years and I've learned a lot about how to make them work. I'm still learning to be honest, each one is slightly different. The most important lesson is to never let anything stop you, just keep moving as if everything is going well. No one will know the difference.

The best thing about Events like this is how amazing the real people in Eve truly are. You can say what you want, but after so many events I will never believe the bad things people say about this community. Oh sure, I'm certain a few people will show up on Sunday and try to ruin things for everyone. But to me, that is the spice of Eve, not its ruination. The vast majority of people just want to play. Yesterday alone I got dozens of convo requests from enemies, friends, strangers and who knows what, all asking how they could help. To me, that is Eve.

This event is all about blowing up things. So that's the updates for now, back to moving, buying, fitting and generally being stressed out about every little detail.

Stay Frosty.


  1. when the pirate said: "... I'm still learning to be honest, each one is slightly different." it made me smile.

    I know Rixx meant ".. I'm still learning, to be honest, each one is slightly different".

    A Freudian Slip, perhaps ?

    1. Lol. No, I put that in there on purpose. A little fun on my part. Plus I'm slowly losing my mind.