Titan FFA

Leave it to those yahoos in Null Sec to try and grab all the attention. Around 75 Titans bit the dust and, as usual, the news stories are focusing on real world values. Ugh.

As anyone who reads this site knows by now, I fully support all play-styles in Eve. I really do. But there is just something mind-numbing about what this most recent battle represents. And honestly I'm struggling to really figure out what it is exactly. I have this feeling that I should be upset somehow, or angry, or pissed off, or something or other. But I'm having a hard time nailing this one down.

Maybe it is because I can remember when Titans were rare. Or when they popped up on grid and everyone was frightened and ran away. Or that time I saw my first Avatar up close when I broke through the shields of that -A- POS and got dangerously close to it. and now there are ^^ that many.

But that makes me sound like a Bitter Vet and I'm not. It is undeniable that there is something gross about that display. I think we can all agree on that, can't we? But more power to them I guess.

Here is a good write up for you. Also the Mittani site has some good reports.

Meanwhile, back to business as usual in Low Sec. I need to spend a few million isk to replace my FFA losses from Sunday. lol.

PS: I just realized this sounds kinda negative. That was not my intention. This was a very exciting and amazing battle that will be long remembered. Kudos to everyone on both sides for having the gumption to throw your assets around like that. Total respect. I'm just numbed by it I suppose.


  1. The $300,000 number made the local paper today... well, the online edition... which prompted my wife to ask me how much money I had "spent" on last night's battle. I had to explain how specious those numbers are and how much the media loves them because money is something we can measure against the real world. I spent $12.95 for my account for the month of January, and that wouldn't have changed one iota if I had lost my ship or if I had just gone to bed early rather than getting out there for a couple of titan kill mails.

    The real story is about a few thousand people who had an online battle that lasted close to 20 hours. The coordinated efforts of two teams made up of people across the world facing off, that was the cool bit.

    1. Totally agreed. And maybe that is the part that is bothering me. I know I just spent three months putting together the FFA and tried explaining that to my RL friends who don't play Eve. Tough.

    2. Publicity... I think it's all in the name of publicity.
      As I see it, anytime we (EVE Online, CCP the EvE playerbase) get mentioned in the NEWZ its A Good Thing for all concerned. The simple fact (and in fact it is a fact) that there is a direct and completely valid RW$ to ISK ratio via PLEX (same as dollars to euros etc.). As long as PLEX can be bought for RW$ and sold ingame for ISK, then there is a direct supported, accepted and (per CCP) 'legal' correlation between RW$ & ISK is not arguable... AND it is one way that normal people (IE not the Despicable We of the playerbase) can understand our infamous game...
      And you don't have to SPEND $300,000 cash on a car worth $300,000. You can acquire it in many other ways, such as trading it for other things you have acquired over time, inheritance, lottery, as a gift, etc., etc. ... but let that $300K car get totaled and you are most definitely out $300,000 in ‘value’, and I’ll bet my bottom ISK your insurance claim won't be for less just because you dint pay cash for it...
      The RW$ to ISK ratio is a measuring stick only.... same as most 'values' placed on most things are… Do you actually believe a very small piece of extremely highly compressed carbon, is worth thousands of dollars?? Nope, the monetary values we place on ‘things’, real or virtual, are arbitrary and based on supply & demand and marketing…
      And yes, teh real story, for we who understand EvE, was the fight... However, as Rixx said... spend some time explaining that to non-gamers and see which they get a grasp of first... the politics and mechanics of the fight or the # of ships destroyed and their $ value.... I see the media flurry over large $ loss fights as nothing more than good press for us... if those stories lead to more people joining up, then I'm all for em.
      As for my personal reaction, I really could not care less as I don't and won't ever play in Nullfun as I, like Rixx, prefer the lower cost, faster paced, small gang & solo (& non-TiDi) subcap game… Rixx loves his lowsecks and I, love my Wormholes… =]