Yesterday I finally passed another milestone in Eve as my skill points ticked over the 100m mark.

Five years and five months for those counting at home.

223 Skills. The skill that did it, Warfare Link Specialist V.

Almost all of my skills are PvP oriented, BS and below focused. And, to be honest, I have so many more still to train that I find it difficult to imagine a time when I wonder what to train next. Even though almost all my choices these days involved long skills, topped off specs and all those remaining level Vs to top off some loose ends here and there.

The plan has always been total domination of BS and below PvP skills for Rixx. I suspect I have about two more years of training before I achieve that goal, maybe three depending on a few choices there at the end. After that? I have no idea, but I also suspect that CCP will just keep adding new things to the game that I need to train. So no need to worry about it.

So here is one of those charts showing the percentage of PvP skills at this point:

Next? 150 million. And maybe, just maybe, at some point I'll finally get that degree my parents are still paying for!! And make something out of myself.

Or maybe not.


  1. Congratulations!! I'm slowly approaching 100M, so I know what kind of accomplishment this is.

    Just doing a comparison to my own lackluster point spread, I notice you didn't include Rigging or Subsystems in your list, nor Neural Enhancement. I know the skills related to boosters are a small number, but are you not training for Tier 3 yet? And surely you have a decent amount of rigging skills, mine shows at about 3% of the total.

    1. James - I only included the skill sets directly tied to PvP for clarity. With the new breakdown there are more skill categories than ever and it was already getting crowded on the chart. So yes, Im training those as well as Science and others. ( I have some skills in al categories, including Trading.)

  2. Welcome to the bitter vet club. I mean 100M club.