SF:FFA FINAL Results & Prizes

Thanks again to everyone that participated, donated and supported last Sunday's Stay Frosty Frigate Free For All. We may have been buried in the news by someone forgetting to pay their bill, but we still managed to have fun for six straight hours and blow up a few thousand ships.

Oh, and our event has prizes!!

A bit of background first. The official killboard was used as the foundation for a week long effort on the part of Stay Frosty scientist Draiv Solregard and his crack team. They pulled data from a variety of sources and then wrote a program to cull the data down into its component parts. This was horribly complicated. And Draiv deserves all the credit for making this happen as smoothly as it did, thank you!

The rules were clear. Anyone that podded another pilot, who used links, who flew together in gangs, or that participated in a sanctioned security fleet would not be eligible for prizes. During the event security forces made extensive notes on rules violations, based on participant feedback and our own observations. Comparing and pulling all that data wasn't easy. But here we go.

The Official Stay Frosty FFA Prize Awards

Top Killer
The pilot with the most eligible kills.
Your Carrier of choice + 250m ISK. In addition you will also receive a Dark Blood EM Plate and an Astero. Krull Krull will be in touch with you on the first two items.

The Winner is: Julia Ayu with 162 kills. Congratulations!

Second Killer
The pilot with the second most eligible kills.
Will receive a T2 Cruiser of your choice, a Gnosis, a Vigilant, 3x Comet + 100m ISK. Again, Krull Krull will be in touch on the Cruiser.

The Winner is: Billius Zabub with 97 kills. Congratulations!

Third Place Killer
The pilot with the third most eligible kills.
Will receive an Ishtar, 3x Comet + 50m ISK.

The Winner is: Janne Harkala with 93 kills. Congrats!

Fourth Place Killer
The pilot with the fourth most eligible kills.
Will receive a Dominix Navy Issue, 5x Hookbills, 1x Nemesis.

The Winner is: Pete Butcher with 89 kills. Congrats!

The first 100 Pilots to lose a ship
Each pilot will receive an Inherent Implants 'Yeti' Ice Harvesting IH-1001
I won't list all of these individually, each of you will be contacted and contracted in-game. This might take awhile, so be patient with me.

Nightmare Kill
The 15 top damage dealers on my Nightmare will each receive either a Standard or Improved booster. Boosters will be randomly contracted.
The Winners are on the killmail and will be contacted in-game.

Punisher Kills
The pilot with the most killing blows in a Punisher will receive 500x Punisher hulls.
In addition, 100m ISK will be divided among those that get a killing blow between 16:00 - 16:05, and 100m ISK will be divided among those that get a killing blow between 18:00 -18:05.

Most Killing Blows in a Punisher: (TIE) E'dyn and Rachel Draven each with 4.

Killing Blows between 16:00 - 16:05: (Will split 100m ISK)
Ransu Asanari 2
Samantha Murphy 1
Skir Skor 1
Slave 0319 Unnamed 1
Tornisk 1
Tosvic 1
Tubrug1 1
Vhalasedai 1
Brad Harkonnen 1
Chieko Kaede 1
Cojon Zero Vyvorant 1
Crom Aster 1
Dece Goo'Ba 1
Firebird Pollard 1
George Codolle 1
Ginlok 1
Mark Yanning

Killing blow between 18:00 - 18:05: (Will split 100m ISK)
DQuijote 2
Dub Business 2
Lunar Argun 2
Se'nizi Ronuken 2
Setyn Garres 1
stoerschl 1
sumlovinclut 1
Taul Masok 1
Vhek Rikah 1
Pete Butcher 1
Balthazaar Tzestu 1
Clearly Knott 1
Dom Pender 1
Efkar Chelien 1
John Wildcat 1
Julian Aldurald

Venture Kills
The pilot that registers the most kills with a Venture will receive 1x Shadow Serpentis Warp Scram, and 1x Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher with 12 of each sisters probe (core and combat).

The Winner is: Janne Harkala with 60 kills in a Venture!
Special Recognition to Mark Yanning, who registered 2 killing blows in a Venture!

Venture Kills Part 2
The pilot that registers the most Venture KILLS will receive 5x Dramiels.

The Winner is Billius Zabub who lost 2 Ventures!

The last two Awards had no eligible winners. Prizes will be held and used for the next event.

All decisions are final and prizes will be awarded as soon as possible. Unless otherwise noted, all prizes will be awarded in a major trade hub from Anastasia Javix. All winners will be contacted via Eve Mail and the collection of prizes will be the responsibility of the winning party.

Here are the eligible totals for reference:

Top Killing Blows:

Julia Ayu 43 Mark Yanning 38 Iogrim 29 Reciprocrat 22 Pete Butcher 21 Ranger40Z 17 Vhalasedai 17 John Wildcat 17 Billius Zabub 17 Commandante Chongo 16 Rhybnar 16 Serenit Adoulin 16 Ransu Asanari 15 Modie Elnath 15 Sascha Naskingar 14 Ginlok 14 Atte Yaken 13 Scyleth 13 Rachel Draven 12 Dom Pender 12 CheesusCrust 12 Elsa91 12 Crynsos Cealion 11 Siggy Crendraven 11 Skir Skor 11 Tubrug1 11 sumlovinclut 11 Vhek Rikah 10 Ceye Utara 10 Lunar Argun 10 Vandal Snow 9

Top Kills+Assists:
Julia Ayu 162 Billius Zabub 97 Janne Harkala 93 Pete Butcher 89 John Wildcat 88 Iogrim 87 Lunar Argun 82 Mark Yanning 82 Ranger40Z 73 Reciprocrat 71 Crynsos Cealion 57 Ransu Asanari 56 Ginlok 56 Major Corvus 54 Rachel Draven 54 Thufir Hawaatt 54 Alexandra Wenli 53 Modie Elnath 51 MuraSaki Siki 51 Vhalasedai 51 Brad Harkonnen 50 Korkza Saken 49 Jammer NielsenTimms 48 Rhybnar 47 Atte Yaken 47 Dom Pender 47 sumlovinclut 46 Tubrug1 45 Carathas 44 Nero Padilla 43 Madden Canrende 42

Most Deaths:
Rhybnar 29 Pete Butcher 24 Ginlok 24 Fortune Famine 23 E'dyn 22 Caedes Silf 22 Siggy Crendraven 21 Billius Zabub 20 Carathas 18 Abel Shovels 18 Apollo Kids 17 Carmello Oskald 17 Crynsos Cealion 17 Julia Ayu 17 Korkza Saken 17 Thufir Hawaatt 17 Niden 16 Dom Pender 15 Gwendolyn MacDougall 15 CheesusCrust 15 Trebor Nottirb 15 Atte Yaken 14 Elsa91 14 Reapz Starchild 14 Major Corvus 14 Jean-Paul Renelard 14 John Wildcat 13 Lord Kevhand 13 Reciprocrat 13 Modie Elnath 13 Balthazaar Tzestu 13

Once again, thanks to everyone that participated, donated and supported this event. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to doing it again soon!

Stay Frosty.


  1. I wouldn't have won anything, but why isn't Ty Delaney on your list? I didn't break any of the rules. :P

    1. I don't know the answer to that on an individual pilot basis. Perhaps the numbers just weren't there? With over 2,500 kills (almost 5k according to some sources), there were a lot of kms to sort thru, so answering that question individually would be difficult.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I thought only players of one year old or younger were eligible for prizes?
    Because I noticed Tubrug1 among the winners, http://evewho.com/pilot/Tubrug1
    Can't have him running off with 5.55 million isk!

    1. Generally speaking yes, but we decided to go light on certain prizes so we'd have more winners. Only seemed fair.

  3. Heh, top 5 of most deaths.. I bet I could have gotten higher if I didn't take that one and a half hour break!

  4. Hm, in official killboard I have 104 kills while here you say I had 87. Weird.

    1. Also 33 killing blows in killboard, while your data says only 27 (can be seen here http://rvbganked.co.uk/kills/index.php/awards/2014/1/, kill snatchers, I only participated in this one ganked event January)


    2. I would have to double check but it is possible several factors contributed to this, kills outside event timeframe, kills outside system, kills against disqualified foes, or other factors. While the event kb was used, it was only a guide post. We are rather sure of our data tbh.

    3. Well that was easy, you are well over one year old m8.

  5. Being >1 year old magically makes kills disappear? :)

    I am not looking for any prizes Rixx, just telling your data isn't accurate.

    1. Well I didn't publish FULL data, only eligible data, which are two different things. Full data includes well over 1,000 pilots in total and nearly 5,000 kills.

  6. Rixx, your data is off dude.... just because you hate on SPDR, doesn't mean we aint eligible for prices XD