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As Stay Frosty approaches its one-year anniversary we are pleased to announce the formation of our brand-new Alliance - A Band Apart.

The specific goal of this Alliance is to provide our members the opportunity to experience even MORE of EVE than ever before, and to give new members the options they need in order to survive the brutalities of New Eden. To this end our "family" of corporations are uniquely built and constructed to provide a home for anyone looking for a place to play in Eve.

Stay Frosty - Over 200 members strong, Stay Frosty is one of the largest and most active pirate/PvP corporations in all of New Eden.

Lucifer's Hammer - Our hi-sec corporation is growing and evolving under great management and is the perfect place to make iskies, run missions, build things, and all that other carebear stuff that I don't really understand. But that other people do!

Supreme Mathematics - Our newest "family" member is being built exclusively as a Worm-Hole based corporation.

Low-Sec, High-Sec and WH Space. Now we have you covered. Each corporation will be working together to support and build the Alliance. Members will be free to actively seek opportunities within the Alliance that best serve their needs and the goal is to make the sum greater than the parts.

We are not looking to add additional corporations that fall outside the "family" of companies. There may be a few additional corps that join in the next few weeks that are within that umbrella, but our goal is not to expand the alliance by accepting additional companies. Our goal is to build a strong Alliance from within. To provide all of our members access to the resources and play-styles that they need. And to be eligible to participate in the Alliance Tournament. That's it.

I believe this Alliance is unique and very exciting. We are A Band Apart.

If you'd like to talk about joining one of our member corporations, please join our in-game channel EVEOGANDA to talk with us. Our our Alliance Public Channel The Frosty Hammer.

*The very first Alliance I was a part of when I moved to Null Sec as a two week old noobie, was an Alliance called Libertas Fidelitas (LFA), which was part of the CVA Providence Block back in the olden days. The Executor of LFA is the same player that is now Executor of A Band Apart. (Not the same in-game character, although he is in Stay Frosty!) How cool is that?


  1. Very interested to chat with you about Supreme Mathematics. Will be joining the EVEOGANDA channel tonight around 01:30 evetime.

  2. I'll be stopping by. I feel like Grimmash is at a crossroad, and you might have just offered an interesting new turn.


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