NEWS FLASH: Turns out Jita is a LIE!

First Rule of Eve
Don't Trust Anyone

Second Rule of Eve
Never Give a Person your API or Password

Third Rule of Eve
Pay No Attention to Jita Local

I've never been scammed. And I've never scammed anyone. When I started playing my Corp mates told me to never trust anyone, hold onto my API like it was my first born baby, and generally never click on a link you didn't ask for, or talk in local. I haven't always made the right decisions, and I've trusted people I probably shouldn't have from time to time, but I've never been scammed.

I cringe when I rarely make the trip to Jita. I do not like that place and I've said so many, many times here on this blog. Ugh. It is not at all the kind of Eve that I play on a daily basis and I think it is a blight. But it is the reality and from time to time I have to go there for ebil supplies. I never talk in local or click anything, in general I avoid even looking at local.

Until a few days ago I had never heard the name Erotica1. I wish I still hadn't. I don't pay attention to assholes. I fully support everyone's right to play Eve the way they want to play Eve, and trust in CCP to ban those that cross the line. Over the years I've done my part to help that process along by reporting those that I believe have crossed the line. And I'm proud of the fact that some of those reports have resulted in bans. It is the least I can do as a human being. I personally find many people annoying, rotten, and otherwise juvenile in Eve. I avoid those people. I once quit an Alliance after two days because every single time anyone came onto Comms they would yell an anti-gay insult at the top of their lungs. I'm not gay. But I am a human being.

While I have never been scammed, I have been the victim of other types of aggression in Eve. There are people I have encountered along the way that have made things personal and gone out of their way to try and ruin my game. I won't replay the litany, but even now there are those that specifically target me in-game. Again, no big deal, as long as it doesn't cross the line. I can often give as well as receive.

Jita is a Lie people. No one is quitting the game and leaving you any isk. No one can take your investment and double it, or triple it, or anything else. If it sounds too good to be true? Guess what? It is. There are no short cuts. Guard your API and only give it to those who have more to lose than you do, like an established Corp or Alliance API Verification program. And then only give them the minimum they need to verify you are a real player. Trust no one unless you know them, they have more to lose than you do, and you have independent verification of their bona fides.

Like me. I can't afford to be a scammer. I have way to much to lose. I've spent years of investment in this game and I wouldn't do anything to put that at risk. You can trust people in Eve, you just have to know who to trust.

I'm not getting in the middle of this argument because I think there is no middle. Players that hurt other players within Eve should be dealt with. CCP has always seemed to have a pretty decent handle on this issue. Players should be smarter, better educated consumers. Goodness knows there are so many more assets available now than when I started playing. But CCP cannot police the world outside of Eve anymore than I can.

Be smart. Let's drive scammers out of business by our intelligence, our cunning, and by sharing what we've learned with other players. My corp mates took the time when I was a Noob to explain things to me. We can all do the same.

PS: The API example comes from my own experience and reflects the situation in Eve from over five years ago. CCP has done an amazing job of fixing the API situation since then, making it customizable and flexible. Just an FYI.


  1. Well occasionally there are random guys who give away ISK, but they usually don't ask for you to send it to them 1st. And I don't really see the problem with the API, maybe if you were a super pilot it might cause problems but in any case you can always just delete it anyway. How do you envision the API being used against you?

    1. Actually the API thing is from over five years ago, when I first started playing Eve. CCP has done a great job of making the API customizable and changeable since then. When I first started playing it wasn't like that at all, so it is less of a concern for players than it used to be.

      Oh sure, I give ISK away for no reason myself from time to time.

    2. OK! Then no more contributions to your events! :-P

      But, you are right, the old API was dangerous as you had all or nothing. With customizable you can select what you want to let others to see or not.

    3. Lol, when I say I give away isk let's keep that in the context of a poor pirate rarely replacing someone's lost frigate, or putting 5m in a new bros wallet.

  2. Grrr. I already wrote this out, and it didn't show up. hopefully this one gets through.

    If you give someone a full access API key, they can scour through your assets and notice that shiny faction battleship fit with deadspace and officer mods, setup for PVE (all resists and local rep, no buffer).

    They take note of the location of your shiny battleship and notice it's in a station with a lvl4 agent.
    They then go there with a bunch of friends in catalysts/thrashers/tornados/whatever to suicide gank your shiny blinged out pimp-mobile.

    You say goodbye to your ship, and they pick up whatever valuable loot drops in the wreck, meaning not only do they get a laugh at your expense, but they even make a profit whilst doing it.

    That's just one example of how your API can be used against you.

    1. Or they notice that alt you've been carefully hiding in Goonswarm for the past three years.

      There are ways certainly and it still pays to be careful in my opinion.

  3. I could not agree more. I've played since 2004-ish and had a few accounts over time, and I've always been careful with the API-info. As for Jita, I can only agree to educate new pilots better. As in real life, you act accordingly.

    Many things in EVE are like real life, only in EVE you are in a anonymous enviroment, free to scam and do bad stuff to people without having to deal with consequences. I mean, would you honestly think that so many scammers would get away so easily in real life? No , they would'nt. And they should not either.

    I remember the great ponzi schemes that people used to run on the in-game stock market when it existed. But instead of dealing with it, CCP simply shut it down and removed it. Scammers in Jita however, remain vigilant and active. This just shows that CCP is not ready or competent enough to handle the situation with scammers and such. Sure, they act upon the obvious and reported cases, but not in general.

    Shooting down ships in EVE is one thing, and PvP is fun and all. But scammers and plain thiefves just bring negativity and bad PR to CCP and it's product.

    That's just my opinion anyway.

    1. Your comment touches on something I've been wondering about through all this. Is there a gameplay justification for scamming being a thing? Like, it is needed as some sort of check against raw power? I've been wracking my brain on this one.

  4. Ahh the NYT still going strong even after the collapse of the Eve Gate and all those years. The classics never die. ;)

  5. "But CCP cannot police the world outside of Eve anymore than I can."

    You are correct, they can't police the world outside. But they can police the world they've created. This is the kind of scenario where someone films themselves robbing a store and explain in the video how easy it was, after which they post it on YouTube. When the Police show up on their doorstep to arrest them; the person is surprised and calls foul on YouTube.

    I understand CCP can't do everything, but I believe they do have the responsibility to curb certain types of behavior when it manifests itself.

  6. Jita you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Buyer beware........or video game, game show contestant beware.......draiv they can police this world but when they made eve they said that they would not. CCP has always been amoral. I hate these scum scammers but if they dont take real life assets from a person then i will defend their right to play eve that way. There are bad people in eve just like IRL. Its what makes the game work like it does sadly. if we were all good people who would we fight all the time? instead of bans id like to see some crazy gameplay options for killing ppl that never leave station maybe. Make it less safe for the scammers.


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