-ABA- Pilot Profiles: Sekrit Spai

-A Band Apart- Pilot Profiles is a new series of posts that feature players from our Alliance that share their stories, experiences, and play-styles.

This post features Sekrit Spai, not a lot is known about this mysterious player. Other than his IP Address, place of residence, Social Security number and credit rating, of course.

• Tell us a little about your background in Eve.

You don't really appreciate the term "water-boarding" until you've experienced it. My background? I'm an alternative character created under the two week trial. I spent my first weeks in an NPC Corp doing nothing but training basic skills. I hopped into an innocuous HS Corp that funnels trial alt accounts to build a buffer resume, then applied to Stay Frosty under open recruitment. I have yet to undock from a station.

My main?! You must be... ouch! [EDITOR: GIve us a minute here, what follows is NSFW or Children under 17]

>cough< [Blood Spit] My, my main is... my main is Akini Mendoza, a pilot in another large Pirate organization. Look it up, it's all there.

• How did you first hear about SF, LH and MATH?

You're kidding right? [EDITOR: Subject was assured of our seriousness] Who hasn't heard of these, these things! They're everywhere, you can't turn around in Eve without bumping into someone from one of these corps! What the Hell do you want me to say!?! That I'm jealous? That... is that what you want me to say? "Cause I'm not y'know! Rixx is a wanker.

• What is it that you enjoy most about your Corp?

It ain't my corp mate. It ain't even a real corp, not a real pirate corp. No one yells at anyone, when was the last time you hot-dropped someone, and you don't use links! Everyone is so friggin' friendly it's sickening. No one yells obscene insults at the top of their lungs on comms, or degrades women, or exposes their insecurities about cultures they don't understand! Or, or shares pictures of men's genitalia. Right there!! That's all the proof you need.

• What have you learned since joining?

I've learned that being a spai in Stay Frosty is about as boring as mining ice in Null Sec. I stole like 20 Frigates from the corp hangar the other day and no one even noticed. Heck, one of the bozos in Corp chat offered to just give me a fully fitted Atron if I would undock and go on a roam! I don't undock man, I'm a spai.

• Do you have any advice for players who want to start PvPing?

Yeah, don't join Stay Frosty. All they do all day is whiz around in their Frigates and explode things, mostly themselves! That isn't PvP! Join a proper corp that demands minimum requirements, fleet discipline, that knows how to hot-drop, use links, and doesn't allow their members to just wander off all over the damn place. For goodness sake.

• What are your goals for yourself, or for your Corp?

Until today I was patiently waiting to discover where Rixx keeps his Titan. I know he has one and I was determined to steal the damn thing. I haven't given up, cut off one head and two will take its place! But now? I dunno, guess I'm headed for biomass.

• Do you have a funny Eve story you could share?

I was hanging out in the Stay Frosty Spai Lounge the other day in Station, with the other spais. The lounge is really nice, free doughnuts and coffee. That is one thing good about these losers, they do take good care of their spais. Anyway, we were all playing RISK, when that guy from... well that isn't important. I guess I don't really have any funny stories. Eve is serious business!

• What is your favorite thing about Rixx (lol)

I hate Rixx. He is such a wanker. His ammo choices are notoriously horrid and he dies all the friggin' time! He is just the worst. Which, come to think of it, is my favorite thing about him.

Can I go now?

If you are looking to spai on Stay Frosty please join our public channels in-game. Recruitment is always open. We also take players that want to play Eve.


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