BREAKING NEWS: Stay Frosty Takes Providence


In a sudden and stunning move local residents called "epic", A Band Apart moved quietly over-night to secure sovereignty over the entire region known as Providence. During night in many of the star systems, huge swarms of Tristans and other T1 Frigates could not be seen hammering away at those things that you have to shoot at in order to take Sov. It was an operation that boggles this reporter's mind and may be the swiftest operation of its kind in all of New Eden's storied history.

In a hurriedly assembled press conference this morning in D-GTMI, A Band Apart's new HQ, CEO of Stay Frosty Rixx Javix explained his plans for the region. "As everyone knows, Providence isn't worth much. So we've decided that it should be used for its intended purpose - as a playground for PvP and Pirates everywhere." He went on to lay out his vision for a Null Sec Region devoted simply to fun and adventure. "I was here when -A- tried this years ago and it didn't work then. How much worse could this plan be?"

A Band Apart, only assembled last week, was primarily known for being an awesome and fun loving bunch of Pirates deep in Verge Vendor. This shocking move came out of left field and caught many in Eve completely by surprise. "This recent move caught us completely by surprise.", said CVA CEO Titus Biggbutte from a secret location once again in Low Sec. "As you know CVA is 100% dedicated to serious business and a so-called fun loving group of bandits isn't going to change that!"

"All pirate groups in New Eden now have full access to every Station in Providence," explained Mr. Javix, "Our welcoming parties are already assembled on the entrance gates and we welcome anyone to come and enjoy the local scenery and lack of valuable Moon Goo."

Trusted sources, who wish to remain anonymous, have said "Rixx is a wanker!" and explained that a couple of people think he is a horrible person. But no further details have been forthcoming. It appears that to most of New Eden, this recent move has re-energized the population and captured the imagination as Capsuleer schools across space have seen a significant increase in applications.

"We took Providence for the people. Our people." Mr. Javix explained as he lay wasted in the bar this morning. It was hard to hear him above the din of revelry happening around the station, and this reporter must admit to taking part in the celebration himself. Please excuse me, this young lady needs my help with something in the VIP Lounge. This is Ratter McDuffin reporting for NEws!

In other news, the Planet Hel recently froze over.

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