A Band Apart Wallpaper

A Band Apart Wallpaper
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I saw this promotional image a few days ago for The Expendables 3 and saved it, knowing full well I'd eventually have to use it. A few years ago I did a similar piece featuring Eve Bloggers with an image from the first Expendables movie.

I wish I had room to feature all of our pilots, but I picked heads simply based on what would work and what wouldn't. Also, don't fear ladies, I have something coming up that will feature the ladies of A Band Apart as well. You are a bit more challenging what with all the hair and close cropped avatars. :)

Pretty badass line-up there. I imagine Draiv as the sinister money-bags behind the scenes guy, Joffy as the munitions expert, Cerv as the sneaky ninja, Bloody as the hard-drinking crazy, and the rest of us as former Seals or something. Probably each of us spent time in a Federal Prison for crimes we didn't commit.

I'd hang out with this bunch. Oh hey, I do hang out with this bunch!


PS: And now the women of A Band Apart, or at least four of them :)

A Band Apart Biker Babes Wallpaper
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  1. Egads, I can smell the testosterone from here. :P

    1. We do not hide our manlyness, but only use it to help others less fortunate. And attract babes.

    2. That's what happens when they use pheromone deodorant from mail order catalogs.

      (j/k guys!)

  2. Nice wallpaper :)

  3. Great Work as always rixx. Got me a new wallpaper


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