1v1 EVE COMIC #69

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Two days without Eve! My launcher won't launch, which - when you think about it - is the entire sole purpose of having a launcher in the first place. Can't work around it because we have a day after expansion patch, which will not update without the launcher. So, after the usual amount of clearing cache files, dumping things, moving things, and variously wasting about two hours results in a fresh client download.

This exact same thing happened last time. Expansion patch goes fine, but then day-after patch kills it.

So I still haven't had a chance to fly the new ships and report back. Hopefully this download will fix it and everything will be back to normal shortly.

In the meantime, new Joffy Astero PvP video to watch:


  1. Same problem here. Anyway, that dragoon fight was so close, holy!

  2. If you use the repair tool it installs the update and you can start without the launcher

    1. Well if it does that it didn't work for me. I did eventually get on today, but the Launcher still doesn't launch anything and I have to run the client directly. I also lost all of my settings since they had become corrupted. So that was awesome.

    2. i had the same issue as you guys. I used the repair tool and all got back to normal. Weird!

    3. I'm not convinced my problem was 100% Eve tbh, I'm still having some minor Finder issues which are driving me crazy. On the other hand, my computer is running smoother than ever! lol