1v1 EVE COMIC #70

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back off man i'm trying to start something here. a green something. actually a green something. they killed the body but the mind lives on. actually and furthermore. more further. can something have less ruth. back up and turn around and around. now you are doing the hokey pokey. the sun is out. the temperature is ninety. it's a great day for the national pastime. take a wild guess. the pitcher steps to the mound. he turns down the catcher's sign. it's a forty yard bomb to nowhere and nowhere is where i'm bound. the long and winding road. scratch a king and find a fool. so far as we've determined our computer has never had an undetected error. this justifies your position. top dog. head cheese. i hate head cheese. i've never tried it. never had it never will. big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts. there is a point. relax. sit back. grab a brew. spin the wheel and win. the 'b' pat. two 'b's. turn those letters vana. i'll risk ten thousand alex. you win a new car. come on down. i think that dryer costs ten fourteen thousand dollars bob. i knew you could. no, you are not fat. you are ugly. i want warp speed and i want it now. where no man has gone. or is gone. feeling at home. think. think. think. or they'll get you. if one doesn't get you the other one will. hey, hey, whadda you say. take those lonesome blues away. you may ask yourself. how did i get here. i never could get the hang of thursdays. ask not. what can the world do for you. take a chance. if i had a penny. develop oniomania. back off man the green thing is growing. take care. do you know where your dna has been. which thing doesn't belong. taxes. big brother. peace. you are right on the money. stand tall don't think small. don't get your back against the wall. be somebody else. haters are gonna hate. stop taking it lying down. i'm trying to start something here.

no reason to make this easy.