gf in local: the junk drawer

gf in local: the junk drawer is the same old random thoughts I had before, newly wrapped in a shiny new package. I did this for ease of use and added the "junk drawer" bit to totally suck the traffic from Jester's now defunct site. I am a pirate after all.

• It must totally suck to be an Astronomer in New Eden. In the real world, astronomical changes and discoveries follow a relatively glacial pace, but in New Eden things can change in a single day. I imagine this conversation happening in some distant observatory yesterday. Bob, "I swear that all the Stars in space are suddenly displaying abnormal flare effects today! Every single Star!" Frank, "You Sir, are a complete nut job." That can't be easy.

• Speaking of Good Fights in Local. Do you have a set of established standards for when you do or don't say "gf" in local chat? In Stay Frosty we typically try to say it after every fight. But I also have some general rules about what does and doesn't deserve the automatic treatment. If I happen to catch some young player, who really didn't have a chance, I always make sure to say it. Hoping that it will encourage them and hopefully result in some conversation about the fight. It usually does, but not always. I also think that being blobbed by a small gang that also includes an ECM ship, does not deserve a gf in local. I'm sorry, but that was not a gf. And I do not want to encourage that sort of thing.

• Plex, Plexes. Really? AUR, ISK, LP? What else in Eve is starting to get a tad confusing given the constant layering of updates, expansions and releases?

• I personally love the new Mordu Legion ships, the design aspect of them, the look and feel. But I also agree they look like they come from another game. They are so awesome however, that I don't want to make this into a thing to complain about. In fact, I think that if we continue down this path (SOE, Mordu, Who next?) then each of the factions should have their own unique (and perhaps slightly non-Eveian) look. So far so good on that front.

• One thing I increasingly find odd as I continue to age as an Eve player (6 years in September) is the turn-over of history. Both in-game and out here in the community, the history that most players remember is as long as their subscription. As more of our fellow bloggers retire or go dark, it is apparent to me how critical it is to stick around. Us long-timers are getting to be a rare breed. I don't know if Kirith and Mark, or some of the few other long-time Eve bloggers also feel this way or not - but I suspect they do. It is all about perspective and being connected to the past. It is easy to forget that Jester wasn't the first blogger to be called a robo-blogger. Or that, at one point, Eve looked like this:

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A sense of history is important, but the most important thing is today. And dealing with the fallout of Kronos and yet another Summer looming on the horizon.

Onward and Upward.


  1. Innovative design does not have to look like the old. We might feel a ship does not look EVEish, players that start out now might comment that only the SoE and Gurista factions have their own style while everything else is just a variation of the same old look and feel.

    I love the looks of the new SoE/Gurista ships as well. Obviously these look different because they are based a new deisgn paradigm, or new technology or some other innovation that allows the use of new hull materials or some other lore excuse.

    GF is very dependant on my experience of the fight. Fights that were absolutely onesided might be more of a 'meh, nice kill but no skill'.

  2. For me a good fight is one that is equal to both sides. When you or your opponent end up winning with their ship on structure. But that is very rare to happen on EVE. I would even say that in many situations saying, "GF" is quite insulting.

    Also, I really like the new designs no sure if they're Evish or not. I just like them. But I have to agree that EVE could be simplified.

  3. This is eve i will gf after a hot drop, for the sole purpose of wanting a reaction. Local tears best tears!

  4. Everyone gets a "good fight". Even overkill gangs. There is only one exception in my book, instalock gatecamps. Although I will definitely not cry over the death it doesn't deserve a gf.
    Now, those fights that end with both parties at structure and leave you shaking in your chair... those get more praise. But they are few and far between.

  5. I live in null, so this is actually less often than one would like to admit, but...
    If someone manages to still be in local after a fight, they get a gf. (If they don't, it doesn't do them much good, and it was probably a gank anyway...) The one exception to that is that I don't think we gf the interceptors that get shot by our instathrasher camps.