Kronos Day

Today belongs to Kronos. Let's all just get those downloads rolling and soak in the changes over the next day. I'll be back shortly with some more detailed thoughts and observations about what these changes might mean.

I can tell you already that the Worm is looking rather insane. Some Frostians' engaged one this morning and didn't fair well against it, I believe we lost an Atron to a one-hit volley from its drones. Reports of 270dps and torn shields. So we'll be keeping an eye on that.

No doubt that the graphical changes are great, the new skins, new models, warp effects, station skins and star flare are insanely beautiful. As is reload timers!

As for the rest? Let's get out into space and see for ourselves.


  1. And come to low security space already. The asteroids have been filled with even MORE gold then before!

  2. Reality hit me in the face with a wet fish. I was really looking forward to the ship maintenance bay on the mastodon, only to find out that its a fleet hangar, not a ship maintenance bay.

    :sad face:

  3. You said it man: reload timers! Nice!!


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