No matter how many people believe that humans and dinosaurs lived together at some point during the 4,000 year history of the Earth - and no matter how hard they believe it - it doesn't change the fact that it never actually happened.

Give it to to the Flat Earth Society, the JFK Conspirators, the Fake Moon Landers, and all the other nut-bags out there, they persist despite facts, truth, and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

It seems that lately Eve and the Eve Community have spawned yet another round of idiots running around spouting strange misconceptions and falsehoods about our merry band of knuckleheads. Let's take a moment to address just a few of the more insane accusations for the sake of truth.

• Lucifer's Hammer is nothing but a bunch of Stay Frosty alts!

DUH! Lucifer's Hammer was created specifically as a high-sec industry corp FOR Stay Frosty pilots. Something that a lot of Pirate corporations have access to, so pirates can make isk too. There are currently 44 members of LH and about half are alts of Stay Frosty and the other half are mains. Unlike the open recruitment of SF, Lucifer's Hammer pilots need to register via API. So they are not alts in the traditional sense of the word.

Regardless, this is a strange claim to use as an insult, since it is true and common practice. (Btw our WH corporation is primarily mains, funny how no one mentions that.)

• Stay Frosty is nothing but a bunch of blobbers.

There are currently 245 pilots in Stay Frosty. I believe this must be where this myth gets its fuel, there are a lot of us flying around in space. For some people with limited mental facilities, we must often look like a blob.

Let's take a look at the SF Killboard from right this second:

Click to embiggen
This is a pretty typical morning killboard. (Always good to wake up to green!) Let's count the number of involved pilots in each kill shall we?


The top ten pilots on the "Solo Kill" status currently account for 323 kills, which is 32% of the total of 986 kills so far this month. Which is an extremely healthy percentage. 

It is true that we often do fly around in gangs, we have a 24/7 Standing Fleet that most pilots choose to fly in (they don't have to though) and we do have our fair share of young pilots learning PvP and Pirating for the very first time. So we do often share kills, or use opportunities as a chance to teach. And sometimes seven enemy ships run off and all we catch is the slow one, which to some people might look like a bob when all is said and done. Which just goes to show you how little some people understand Eve.

• Rixx gets podded a lot and is known to use Pirate Implants!

I admit it, I have used Snakes a few times and did so exclusively during my stint in The Tuskers. I would also say that during that time I also took full advantage of the constant Links that they have running in local and in all of their gangs. I believe I used Snakes twice. I am too poor to use them more than that.

Because I have been podded 90 times in 69 months of playing Eve. About 60% of those 90 happened back when I was in Null Sec and much younger than I am now. I am the first to admit that I still get podded more than I'd like. 12 times this year so far. I play exclusively on a Mac in a household with five other internet hogs and lag is primarily the culprit. Between lag and insta-locking gate campers... well I don't complain about it. Why should others?

NOTE: I also don't complain about the fact that I am often singled out, primaried, recognized, hunted, camped, chased, blobbed, or an otherwise trophy kill for many people in New Eden. I believe it comes with the territory. I also tend to sacrifice myself for the good of the Corp when needed. No one ever mentions these things. 

• Stay Frosty never uses Links!

I never said that. Since we mostly fly solo and small gang we don't have the opportunity to use the links that we have. We have a hard enough time getting fights, imagine if we had a Loki following us around everywhere! lol. Plus, and most importantly, we want everyone to know that we are fun to attack, that we enjoy good fights, and that they know what they are getting when we fight. We don't hide shiny ships on the other side of the gate, use Links, or ECM, or anything else. We fly what we fly and you get what you get. That doesn't mean we don't have links, or ECM, or shiny ships waiting in our hangers - those are important sometimes.

And we are prepared to use them if need be.

• Stay Frosty is nothing but a bunch of inactive, trial accounts!

This one is funny. Stay Frosty has always been, since day one, an OPEN recruitment Corporation. You put in an app and you get accepted! No exceptions. I do try to talk to the very, very young pilots and tell them how hard it can be to start their Eve career in a Pirate Corp - but mostly they say "I know, but I wanna do it anyway!" So we let them in.

What they are after that is none of my goddamn business! I don't care if they are inactive, trial accounts, alts of PL Super Pilots, or CSM Members. (We have all of those btw) I also don't care if they ever log on again, or do so every three months. That is the ENTIRE point of Stay Frosty. Staying Frosty... get it?

Of the 245 pilots in Stay Frosty about 114 are regularly active. Another 45-50 are active on a monthly basis. About 20 that I know of are in the military or travel for business. And we have about 20 or so that rarely log on for various reasons. And I know of 10 whose accounts have lapsed and who are not being kicked because we hope they come back someday.

I will say this again, if Stay Frosty was just me flying around in space I'd be happy. The numbers mean nothing to me. We can grow to be 4,000 pilots or 1. The entire idea of the Corp was to provide a place to have fun, to get away from the bullshit,and not have to worry about CTAs, rules, and other crap.

And that is working. Working extremely fucking well by the way. Don't tread on me.

I will leave you with this.

We are Staying Frosty and we have no bubblegum.


  1. Neat I'm in the screen shot, boo to the caldari state making it look like it wasn't solo. Thanks to being active in fw space I imagine there plenty of other npc spoiling going on, that aside we are pirates not a space duelists club.

    Honoring agreements doesn't mean we need to give hostiles the benifit of the doubt that the t3 in space isn't theirs, that the other fw pilots in space aren't in fleet or that their corp mates won't undock.

    1. Eve is complicated and anyone making blanket statements needs to check their sources. In the end, we are just trying to play a game and have fun doing it. Not sure what the problem is with some people who don't seem to understand that.

    2. Even when you check the sources things like killboards are just snapshots, a 5v5 with no losses can easily look like a bunch of 1 sided ganks.

      Maybe it leads to some unfair fights but I always give warp ins to friendlies, to me its about having fun with friends. As long as we are all having a good time I've got better things to do than worry about stats.

    3. Frankly I prefer to share, it is more fun that way. If I'm not in the mood I say so, but generally I enjoy the comraderie more than anything else. That doesn't show up on stats.

  2. I try to actively encourage my corp mates in Aideron to engage "frosties" whenever they happen to cross paths always good fights and good attitudes. My solo roams through black rise and the surrounding areas would be a lot less eventful with out you guys running around. Keep it up, and ignore the hate.

    1. Meh, the hate comes with the territory and it only means I must be doing something right. I'm glad to hear about the gfs, that is what we try to encourage in all our pilots and I know all of us feel the same about you guys as well.

  3. WHAT!?!??!? NO BUBBLEGUM!?!?!?!? That recruiter LIED to me!!

  4. Mate I agree with everything you said but at the end of the day there are always going to be people who lose a ship and moan about being blobbed. You guys fight well and are great fun to shoot at.

    P.S. Please come back to Placid.

    1. No doubt about that. Not to mention that everyone has a different idea about what exactly constitutes a "blob" anyway. Just the other day a dood complained in local when he kilt one of my pilots as I landed on him and killed him.

  5. A blob would be the group that dropped on me as I was engaged with a vagabond in a VNI. The blob was 3 Sins, 2 Panthers, 1 Redeemer, 1 Widow, and a Falcon. If you're going to blob, this is how you do it.


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