A Tale of Internet Spaceships

An Eve Documentary filmed at last year's FanFest. I'm posting it before I've even had a chance to watch it. Which is just horribly lazy blogging in my humble opinion. But that is exactly the kind of crap you have to deal with here. So deal with it. And then watch this, because I will be. At the same time probably. Which, when you think about it, is kinda cool.

I'll go now.

Flat Rixx makes an appearance at 49:57. That is Matt behind me. I'm going to turn the Flat Rixx Page back on in case someone out there is wondering wtf?!?


  1. I watched it and is very good. And I saw you in the movie, two seconds only but you were there.

    Note to others: Only his head though!

    1. They also played Eve Dumb Ways to Die and used my name, so that counts!

  2. I suppose it's too late to deny everything, isn't it? ;)


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