It's Official


Yesterday the glorious Commonwealth of Pennsylvania confirmed that your friendly neighborhood Eve blogger is, in fact of law, officially a scum-sucking Pirate. I will now be driving all over the place confusing the heck out of normal law abiding citizens who do not fully appreciate the multi-level sarcasm, comedy and deeply held love for Eve Online inherent in my new plate. And yes, before you ask, my wife is behind this. She also thinks it is hysterical.

I suspect most people will assume I am some kind of Pirate-For-Hire for parties or kids birthdays. This amuses me.



Mark your calendar now for Saturday November 8th. That is the "not yet" official date of the very next Stay Frosty/ABA Frigate Free For All Event!!  Planning is now underway and an official announcement will probably be in these pages sometime next week.

The last FFA was a huge success with close to 5,000 explosions and 3,000 FREE Frigates given away to participants. Rixx lost a Nightmare and we had lots of interesting visitors, special ships to explode, Brave Newbie and RvB security and plenty of targets for everyone. If you missed it last time, be sure to come and find good fights this time. Everyone is welcome.

If you'd like to donate, or volunteer your services as an individual, corporation, or Alliance, please contact a Stay Frosty or ABA rep and we'll get you pointed in the right direction. Thanks. More details soon.



I often talk about the stories behind the kill-mails here on Eveoganda, and yesterday we had yet another perfect example. It is impossible for anyone looking at this Harpy kill-mail to appreciate the sheer hilarity, pathetic-ness and pure Stay Frostian shenanigans behind it.

I will attempt to describe it. I entered system in my Firetail and saw the Harpy in the plex. I haven't flown a FT in awhile, so I was a tad rusty. But I decided to go in anyway and rely on my TD to balance things between us. Hopefully he'd be rail fit. As soon as I landed and got point another Firetail also landed and away we went. Naturally I called for back-up at this point, even I can't take down a Harpy and a FT alone. At least not in my own Firetail, maybe if I had a Comet or something. All my back-up was in T1 Frigates but they were eager, even though they were staggered all over the place. But George landed pretty quick in his Tristan and the other FT started to back off. The Harpy was doing a good job of tanking us and my poor FT was in desperate shape.

That's when Skir landed in his Burst and saved my shields! Just as, sure enough, my guns toasted on me! Yikes. So I could do nothing except hold the Harpy down, keep him TD'd and hope the calvary arrived. Sadly the Harpy smartly turned his attention to the Burst and brought him down. This did give me the time I needed to heal my armor and re-load some things. And sure enough, Daros and Sniper arrived and saved us all in the nick of time.

And that is... the rest of the story.

Granted, not as sexy as it would have been on my
Dodge Challenger SRT8. Oh well.


  1. I didn't know you were in PA. Anywhere near Philly?


    1. I did live in Philly for seven years, but now I'm on the other side of the state in Pittsburgh.

  2. I'll just leave this right here....

  3. Sanders/Daros SchmittlaubSeptember 23, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    That was a fun fight. I have to do it more often, as I definitely need the practice.

    I especially enjoyed the part where the Harpy pilot tracking disrupted my Tristan. For the entire fight.

    1. Yeah, I think he may have become confused by me not shooting him at all. lol


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