The Stay Frosty FFA is Coming Soon!!

Stay Frosty FFA Teaser
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It is that time again! Time to fit up thousands of Frigates to hand out for free, time to saddle up and make time to shoot your friends, your enemies, and get all those frustrations out on each other! Yes, that's right, it is time for another great installment of the now legendary and epic Stay Frosty Frigate FREE FOR ALL!!

Saturday November 8th, from 16:00 until 22:00 Eve time we will be having a blast blasting Frigates and other surprises! Prizes!! And more will be awaiting everyone who dares make the trip. Previous FFAs have seen thousands and thousands of explosions, good fights and memorable mini-events. Like Rixx losing his expensive Nightmare! What will this FFA hold? You'll only know if you show!

This is only a teaser post. More details and information will be released soon.

So watch these pages and let's make this one the biggest one ever!

PS: As usual, if anyone would like the chance to donate or support the event please contact me directly thru eve mail, email (, twitter, EVEOGANDA in-game channel, or in-game. All donations and support are greatly appreciated and will be promoted to Hell and back here on EVEOGANDA and everywhere else humans gather.