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Daredevil Art Poster
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Life is weird sometimes. I've been so busy with work and lawyers this week that I haven't had time to play much Eve. Just a few minutes here and there. But one good thing about late night work marathons is having all your applications open and some time to waste during renders, uploads and various machine functions. I can't sit still, idle hands do the devil's work after all.

Hulk Art Print Poster
We cannot forget the people wut make stuffs!

Skiff Art Poster
Moar Indy!!


  1. Glad to see industrial ships. If I may ask, why doesn't the ORE logo appear in the background like the other ships?

    BTW, please take any comments in the spirit in which they were given; as only suggestions from someone that consumes your product and lacks the ability to produce any on his own.

    1. I appreciate all of your comments. I am totally going with my gut on these and only use the logos when I think they add something to the design. Generally I am striving for a less is more approach with things like engine trails (some have, some don't), shapes, patterns, logos, etc. Even the position of the ship on the page, for example the Comet, I'm just letting the shapes dictate how they want to be dealt with. And I don't want to be locked down into any "rules" when it comes to what happens inside the rectangle.

    2. Thanks for the reply. Absolutely nothing wrong with 'going with your gut' as after all, that gut feeling is what differentiates these pieces from simple screen captures.

  2. Loving this series Rixx, please keep it up!

  3. Awesome, I've got the Daredevil as my wallpaper now. :D

  4. Very nice, today I printed a nice slicer poster.. very nice pieces, really. When we'll see the Incursus Rixx?


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