The Lack of Planning

Moa Classic Art Print Poster
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I do the dumbest things sometimes. Thing is, every once in awhile, the dumbest things turn out to be great things. Like that time I said, "Screw the man, I'll just start my own damn agency!" That one worked out really well until the economy went into the toilet. Or that time yesterday when I warped my Garmur smack dab on top of two Vagabonds and another Garmur... that one didn't work out so well.

A couple of weeks back I decided to start illustrating some of the spaceships in Eve. This was practice for a real world project that I was working on at the time and practice is always good. Heck, most of the Eve art I produce is practice for something that I actually get paid for. Gotta keep those skills honed when your life depends on making a living from it. Trust me. I work my ass off at my job.

Anyway, the results were really looking good to me. I had done a few such illustrations a few years back and these new ones were looking even better. Never one to go at something half-assed, I made the proclamation that I would do one illustration for - at least - every hull in Eve. If you haven't looked lately, let me assure you that is a huge pile of ships!

The even better news is that they keep adding more. lol.

So far that has been 48 of them, which you can see here.

Now, if you are thinking that Rixx is having dedication regret and is writing this to prepare you for the sad news that he will be backing off his original claim - I can assure you that this is not the case. As crazy as it sounds I am going to keep going. Fully aware of the fact that eventually I will have to illustrate a Badger, or a Griffin, or some other equally boring ships. 

And here is the thing about that. While you might not appreciate a poster featuring a Badger, someone out there will flip for it. For all the sexy inherent in some ships, the most requested art has been, so far, for the Guardian. And second most for the Iteron Mark V. And then the Hawk. And that is the amazing thing, everyone has their own favorite ships in Eve. Everyone. And that is why I'm going to do one of each.

Because once you start something like this, you can't just stop. Stopping means someone's favorite ship gets left out. Plus, it will just be really awesome to say I did it.

I am not going to think about how long that might take me. I'd rather not think about it.

So enjoy and hang in there, some day soon you may have the chance to hang these on your own wall. You never know.


  1. At 35 posters, I did a contact sheet version, and plotted them in colour on a 36x48 sheet. Sadly, the images came out too dark - something in my cmyk conversion? Anyway, my wife thought when the series was done, it might make an interesting concept for a quilt via a fabric printing service like Spoonflower (

  2. Hah, the Classic Most Confused Looking Ship Model in the game. From this angle and in that light... actually looking pretty sexy.

  3. Do the new moa model, the old one is ugly as all hell =P


  4. I'm curious what ship actually will be the last one to get its poster. Let me guess... Falcon?

    1. Dunno, they are getting new models here shortly...


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