A Bad Run

For those of us who play Eve on a daily basis for any length of time, it becomes obvious after awhile that the game operates on a very cyclical basis. Even more apparent, is the connection between what happens in-game and what is going on out-of-game.

I've written about these connections extensively here in the past. Eve is a lot like the tide. The tide rolls in and out and nothing you can do will stop it. But the tide is also made of many, many smaller and larger waves. Often driven by the wind. It is impossible to argue this. I've been playing and writing about playing Eve for long enough now to know - these are truths.

I've been having a particularly horrible time in real life lately. And, once again, my experiences have directly related to what happens in-game. I won't bore you with the details, but it has been rather horrific. All of which is only the preamble to a larger point I want to discuss. And one that has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I have a question about Eve that no one seems to ever ask:

Just how f**ked up is Eve really?

[Insert long diatribe about how much I love Eve here]

Let me give an example. The other day I had caught a Comet with my Garmur. The Comet was dead. The Garmur a good 2k faster, set up in a nice kiting position. My manual flying working just fine. And yet - I got caught somehow. One second he was safely away and the next I was scrammed and webbed. I lost the Garmur. It happens. So my friend Oma was in fleet with me and offered to give me the Sentinel he was flying, since he was logging off. I took the Sentinel and shortly after that we spotted a Vexor inside a Medium plex. I warped in to get tackle. This is about as safe an action as you can have. I had no fear, I would warp in, burn off, hold point and wait for help. The only worry would be drones, but that wouldn't be immediate and the Sentinel is very fast. I've done this before. This time it didn't work. The Vexor got point. Which is, in Eve terms, nearly impossible. And no, the Vexor didn't have Sensor Boosts or anything weird. And no links were up for him either.

These types of failures happen. Heck, we've developed an entire cultural response to anyone who even dares to complain about it when it does happen. The sheer amount of vitriolic anguish directed at anyone who dares to mention a technical flaw is insane. Which only makes me wonder even more.

Is it possible that this happens more often than we are led to believe? We focus on a lot of issues as a community, but I honestly can't remember a serious discussion about the fundamental operation and error content of Eve. How often does Eve generate errors? How often exactly does 2+2=5? Just how buggered is this legacy code? Is it only getting worse as more and more new code is pilled on top of older and older code?

The issues are not as obvious as they used to be. Back in the day I remember the undocking bug, when hundreds of your own ships would undock with you. I once lost half a fleet when we jumped thru a Gate - half the fleet was transported about 17 jumps away. The list is a long one. But those were obvious. The things I am seeing on an almost daily basis are not as obvious. They are more subtle.

Fleet bonuses not working. D-scan errors. Loss of camera settings. Unexpected jump of perspective (this one is freaking annoying in the middle of a fight to suddenly find yourself looking at the target ship), and other subtle, small, annoying, doesn't quite work, what went wrong, ways.

Look. I'm just asking. I've grown to expect these types of strange behaviors. I aways chalk it up to the randomness of life. This is Eve's way of mimicking the kind of strange random crap that happens in real life all the time. Sometimes things just don't work. But, on the other hand, it did get me to thinking about it on a more fundamental level. Maybe I'm taking something for granted here. Maybe, just maybe, there is a larger issue at play. And perhaps, just perhaps, something really is wonkers down in the belly of the beast.

The tide rolls in. And the frequency seems to be increasing.

Is there a cause for concern here?


  1. not sure if there are more bugs, but there area number of long standing bugs that never get fixed, like having to move wing commanders out and back into position before boosts take effect. not taking fleet warps (and there were no bubbles, i've seen this happen when warping from a POS) warp not working at all because a bubble is on grid while not in the bubble.

    maybe it looks buggier because the old bugs are not getting fixed while new ones are being added?

    i also wonder how often commands are missed. mouse clicks and keys get lost in bad tidi, and that's well known. it doesn't happen often, but there have been times with no tidi where key press doesn't result in the expected command at all.

  2. "I got caught somehow. One second he was safely away and the next I was scrammed and webbed. I lost the Garmur."
    "This time it didn't work. The Vexor got point. Which is, in Eve terms, nearly impossible."
    Seriously? I mean I know yer a bad ass leet PvPer an all but NOTHING is 'assured' or even impossible in EVE...

    Of all the weird shit I have read here (WCS anyone?), I never thought I'd see tears... or blaming the game for losses. Yea, EVE can be a wee bit buggy... can YOU write 'perfect' code? Can you keep 10 yo code from getting buggy? Personally as a 17 year career IT Tech I am amazed that this shit ever works at all much less as well as it actually does...

    And yeah, I've lost ships to glitches... I've even petitioned a few, but not all as you know what? SO what? It's an extremely complex internet based computer GAME.... looking for perfection here is like being upset that humanity doesn't have world peace... all yer doing is setting yourself up for disappointment.

    IE... it's a computer game, be happy it runs as well as it does.

    1. From your, "Is there a cause for concern here?"... I had assumed we didn't agree. I mean, yeah CCP needs to keep on keepin on... They need to swap out legacy code for new stuff and test, test, test... then roll out and test some moar... but I will never 'expect' the game to play flawlessly... I know better than that.

      As far as I am concerned... I can accept the minor annoyances in the game the same way I accept the minor weird shit what happens 'round me ervyday IRL... 'tis what 'tis.

      If you agree with that, then yup, we agree. =]

  3. He was lucky, or you were rather... not. You're 2 km/s faster than he is, his lock time towards you is 3s which means by the time he locks you up he has another 2-3s to scram you and web you. Plenty time.

    On the other hand, I know what you mean. This is how I lost many ships, I realize this only when I put the fight on paper to see why/how I lost (I do this a lot with lost fights that I should've won). I was pointed outside of a plex by a Slicer in my AB Comet whose lock time towards me was 3s, and my warp off time is 3s which means he had perfect timing, but since that is in no way a player achievement but more of a server tick/ping issue, he was lucky.

    Point is, don't always think it's a bug; consider all factors and you'll notice that 99.9% of the time - the game is right, and you are wrong.

    1. Totally agree with above... 'nough said.

    2. As I said right off the bat, it does seem to go in cycles however. And while that could just be natural long-term cycles that any system produces, lately it seemed rather bizarre. But the post was intended as a cautionary, not predictive, story.

  4. Yes. We are here. We are everywhere.

    On a more serious note: I don't think so


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