The Anakin War

The silly, meaningless so-called "war" with the Bastards has essentially boiled down to our young, inexperienced, extremely enthusiastic non-combat pilots Versus Michael Pancake. (who is a former Stay Frosty pilot for goodness sake!) So that's funny.

Nashh and Ithica admitted they started this "war" so they could shoot our positive sec status pilots, so from their perspective things must be going well. Even though those two are never actually on-line or in space anywhere. I've started calling this the Anakin War because they are killing all our younglings. It started out rather silly, one pirate corp war decc'ing another pirate corp, but now it just continues to get weirder.

And while I'm sure they would be the first to point out that they are 'winning' the war, totals right now stand at about double iskie - aprox 290m to 140m give or take. (Unless you throw in the cost of the War which means we are still ahead, 640m to 290m or so, and that 500m is every week. lolz ) Which is all true. However, if we looked at straight Bastard Vs. Stay Frosty totals we are actually ahead by a nose. Y'know, if we ignored all the younglings scattered about on the floor. (We do out-number them about 5:1)

Ah but Rixxie-poo, we only did this for content. Ah yes, well on that front the War is going extremely well for us. It has been awesome! In fact, this War is the greatest thing to happen to ABA in a few weeks! Our pilots are excited, energetic, and very positive. Everyone has decided to take a break from what they've been doing and wander back down to home base for some pew-pew. Yesterday I spent more time in fleet explaining game mechanics than calling primaries. It has honestly been a great change of pace and a breath of fresh air. Our non-combat pilots are getting much needed experience in combat, combat support, war mechanics, transportation, and everything else. And our younger combat pilots are getting a chance to fly in bigger gangs, learn station camping from our enemies, and watch as they run off unless they have the advantage.

Frankly we've had more fun with Never Surrender this week. Which is saying something since all they do is bring the camp/escalation/links game. But, even so, we've had some awesome fights with them. Heck, when I think back over the last week I remember a bunch of good fights with them and not one with the Bastards. Last night we had a great fight with a dude from Fearless in a Hurricane. Once we managed to explode him he brought out his Machariel, but we never got the chance to catch it. That was more fun.

So five days into the Anakin War I have to give the following grades:

• The Bastards: D-
Seriously. Just undock, fly around, and eventually we'll catch you.

• A Band Apart: A+
Wow, you guys rock! It is incredible how enthusiastic all of you are. Well done.

• Stay Frosty: A+
I love how we are not even doing anything different. That is so us.

Oh well, as long as they want to keep throwing 500m down the toilet, we'll keep the lights on for our members to keep wandering down to Ishomilken for pew-pew. Unlike those poor Jedi Younglings, ours can't be killed. They just keep getting back into more ships.


EDITORS NOTE: The Eveoganda staff here at the World Headquarters apologies for Rixx's complete lack of knowledge when it comes to how much wars actually cost. In fact, no one here knows how much wars cost. We could probably look it up, but in all sincerity, why bother? We do know that it is bigger than a bread-box and probably costs slightly more than a Venti Cappuccino Latte, what more do you need to know?


  1. " as they run off unless they have the advantage."


    1. We are both fundamentally different types of groups. We prefer solo/small gang Frigates for the most part and they prefer bait escalation/link alt/station camping pvp for the most part.Just two ways of playing.

  2. I think I need to find a new group to get into. the corp I have been with has suffered far too much from "nobody home" as of late, and while I have never been a pvp'er this sounds like too much fun, and exactly the type of thing I am missing about WoW right now.

  3. Michael Pancake killing off SF Non-Combat pilots....sounds like the games Bang Boom Splat play in Villore. I remember him from my time in SF when he joined and then left fairly quickly if I recall correctly. Simple truth is that station/gate camping is cowardly. If they were to face the SF pilots in open space and they wouldn't stand a chance.

    Keep up the good fight, Rixx. SF and your guys are fantastic and an asset in New Eden.

    - Mal
    Capt Malcolm Reynoldz
    CEO of the 57th Overlanders Brigade

  4. in your opinion how much should war decs cost? sounds like you are finding it entertaining. should it be cheaper so it happens more often?

    lower the costs I say. assuming there is a higher cost for war decs when the corp size differential is severe (to limit bullying) and perhaps some way to increase cost against non-pvp oriented corps (perhaps something based on sec status or pvp kills)