Back in Black

March is going to end up being one of my lowest months in a very long time when it comes to PvP activity. Given the mad rush to get the posters ready for Fanfest, prepare the presentation, prepare the necessary things we needed for our three boys and our animals, and then actually go to Fanfest and then return to the insanity that is our real lives - March has been a tad sparse when it comes to logging into Eve. 'Natch.

So it was great to finally, after two weeks, log in with a few hours to play yesterday. I honestly fully expected to be rusty when I undocked, but that didn't turn out to be an issue. Oh I certainly made a few errors, like forgetting to check my d-scan before jumping into a Dramiel in my Slicer, but overall the rust seemed to shake loose pretty fast.

The best part was being back amongst my friends in Stay Frosty and ABA. We quickly built a pretty decent little YOLO gang and went yarring around the neighborhood like a bunch of crazed and drunken sailors. In typical Stay Frosty fashion, some of it went well and some not so much. But we were having a blast and that is what being in our Corporation is all about, so meh. We had fun. Everyone else's level of fun may vary.

I did hit 120m skill points while I was away at Fanfest, so that is another milestone. And for some reason I am now training Jump Drive thingie to level V... I may have to look at my skill list again today. I also didn't have a lot of small ships fitted, so I may have to go on a shopping trip soon. I took out my Comet and eventually lost it, then a Slicer and then eventually lost that to that Dramiel I forgot to scan. So at the end there, I was left with just a Maulus. The only small ship I had left that was fitted. I generally avoid flying support ships, darn thing doesn't even have a point, but sometimes it can be relaxing to just be a part of a gang and not have to be point all the time. It also came in handy when a Harpy attacked it outside a gate. Poor guy hit me hard the first time, then I got both Sensor Damps on him and he couldn't hit a barn.

This was my first day back in the new expansion and I am a tad worried about the speed at which space is loading. Is anyone else having this issue? My undocks and jumps seem to take longer to load grid than before. That is a tad worrisome. I may have to take a fresh look at my settings. I'm not sure but maybe that has something to do with the new "on-demand" cache settings?

I have a couple more days to try to get my kill total up a bit for the month, 28 kills is not enough!! lol. Like it matters to me. I am joking here.

Ok, enough for today. I have lots of busy things to do, a whole plate full of new commissions to deal with. Some copy to get to CCP Spitfire and a super sekrit new project to work on today. (Very exciting, but you'll have to wait)

Until then, I hope to run into you in space.


  1. A lot of people are having lag issues, which may be related to DDoS mitigation tools they are using due to ongoing attacks against the servers.

  2. One item that helped me with the lag was to set the flag "Download all resource files" under the launcher configuration. Go to tab Download. It is there. It reduced my lag quite a bit when moving in space.

    1. I'll give that a try, thanks

    2. That was the first thing I did on Tuesday after reading the dev-blog.