Fanfest Schedule

We leave tomorrow for our flight to Reykjavik. We drive down to Washington and catch the non-stop, arriving around 6:30 am on Wednesday Iceland time. This was the best option for us, other flights included really long lay-overs, some of those were like 11 hours! Yikes. So our trip will be for seven days, although only six of those are actually in country, as we return the following Tuesday. Plus six and then minus six. It is sorta like time travel without the costumes.

I have no idea what condition we will arrive in, so a lot of this day depends on how we feel once we get on the ground and to the hotel. We're leaving this one pretty wide open with plans to visit some sites in Reykjavik and generally eat some good food and take it easy. The only real plans we have right now is a dinner with Andrew Groen, CCP Spitfire and maybe CCP Seagull that evening. I suspect we'll be going over the roundtable discussion we'll be having the next day.

Oh and get registered at Harpa of course.

Thursday - Fanfest Day One
I was surprised that Fanfest doesn't really get kicked off until mid-day. I don't know why that surprised me, but it did. Actually going and being there probably makes you more aware of times.

I'm using the Guidebook App to organize my schedule, it is an extremely handy thing with the Fanfest schedule, maps, alerts, and much more included.

Here is what I'm planning on attending and doing the first day, plans can always change:
Noon - Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR
1 - Sovereignty 5.0
2 - Art of Eve (Duh!)
3 - The Most Pivotal Decision in Nullsec History (Andrew's player presentation!)
3:25 - EVE Fan Art (And my player presentation! So I have to be there for that)
4 - EVE Fan Creations - Roundtable with Andrew and CCP Spitfire (Also have to be there)
5 - Eve Online Keynote

and then the Charity Dinner at 8pm at CCP HQ - Which should be a lot of fun!

Friday - Day Two
Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll get a good view of the Solar Eclipse at 8:30am. (Please!) Which will give me time to see my wife off on the SoE Golden Circle Tour at 9:30.

At 10:45 I'll be joining Niden for a section on Eve TV.
11 - Community Fansites or the Concept Art Session (Grrr! I want to go to both!)
12 - Make Eve Real - Creating Planetary Civilizations!
1 - Fleet PvP
2 - Ship and Module Rebalance (Ban WCS!!)
3 - Lowsec and Crimewatch
4 - The Future of Spaceship Rendering
5 - World's Collide

We're not going on the official Pub Crawl, we'll be sitting down somewhere and drinking like a bunch of old people instead.

Saturday - Day Three
I'm excited to be having lunch with Torfi on Saturday, will be great to finally meet him (after months of working with him on the poster project) and talk CD to CD. Really looking forward to that.

11- From Science Fiction to Science Fact
12 - Art and Graphics Panel (maybe)
1 - Valkyrie VR
2 - Future Vision of Structures
3 - Poster Signing
4 - Ship and Module Rebalancing (In case I miss the first one)
5 - Closing Ceremony

8 - Party at the Top of the World

All of which is subject to change without notice and I'll have to squeeze some poster signings in there wherever I can.

Sunday and Monday are both personal days for my wife and I to spend exploring Iceland. My wife has found us some great tours to explore, so we'll be doing that most of those days. Keeping the evening open for anything else, good food and more drinking most likely.

Then back home on Tuesday.

Whew. Gonna be insane!! Can't wait.


  1. I think I have entered some kinda weird twilight zone... was talking to my son, who I play EVE with, he's visiting from Ga., and I quoted your line about your wife and how amazing she was that she is going with you to FF... and my wife, who has hated EVE with an unrivaled passion for years, said maybe we should go one year...

    I looked at Alex... and he looked at me... and all you could hear was a Sponge Bobian

    1. I envy you and Rixx. My wife hates Eve and me for having this second wife, even cheap as it is.

    2. I envy you and Rixx. My wife hates Eve and me for having this second wife, even cheap as it is.

  2. crap, evidently the comments doesn't like the greater than and less than signs... so,

    "blink" "blink"

    1. The more my wife has learned about Eve the more she understands it and has come to appreciate it. The other day she even said to me, "Someday maybe I could play?" So anything is possible.

  3. I'm tired just reading your schedule. Hope you have a great time.


    1. It is rather crammed full. I'm not sure how much of that I'll end up doing, but we'll see how it goes. And thanks! Gotta represent the Corp and the Alliance.

  4. My wife has been sold on the idea of us going (especially playing up the Sisters of Eve tour). She has always called Eve my "other woman". I've suggested many times that $15/mo is pretty cheap for "another woman', which has awarded me many a good-natured smack.

    So maybe next year . . .

  5. Dear Rixx and Special Wife,

    I hope you enjoy your trip to the fullest and at least, get wasted properly 1 evening:P


  6. Still jealous. Enjoy!