Alliance Logos are Back

As of this morning's post from CCP Falcon the Alliance submission process is now open again! Huzzah!

In a nutshell ALL currently in-game Alliance logos are being removed. They will be replaced by newly submitted logos starting on June 2, 2015. The old 128 x 128 pixel size has been updated to 512 x 512 and CCP will no longer accept anything even remotely that looks like copyrighted materials.

Once in-game your logo will be CONCORDED and a Concord logo will be added, as well as some scratch effects. This means that you can retain the rights to the original, while CCP retains the rights to the in-game altered version. Everyone is happy.

As always, my services are available if anyone needs their old logo updated or a new one created. Simply email me at and we can talk about what you need. Needless to say I am very busy right now, but I've put on my worker's gloves and am trying to get through these projects as fast as possible, while maintaining the high-level of quality you deserve. I just finished working on new logos for The Neocom and Crossing Zebras to name just two, so things are moving along.

Higher-quality in-game logos combined with the copyright solution CCP has introduced certainly bodes well for additional uses in the near future. It doesn't take a genius to see that the coming introduction of Ship Skin Licenses and new logos will lead to Alliance logos on our ships. It will be a natural step to provide licenses to Alliance members that feature the Alliance logo. I suspect that should happen rather quickly once the new shader is properly in place. Which, from what I heard at Fanfest, shouldn't be long at all.

A Band Apart became eligible for an Alliance logo as the exact same time that submissions stopped being taken last year. So even though we are over a year old and have 599 members, we still have to bear with the default Alliance logo in-game. It will be great to finally sport the official ABA logo everywhere.

So let's get those logos updated and in-game!!


  1. There is sadness in this story. My old alliance, logo will disappear from eve o7

    Luckily I have a T-Shirt with it on \o/


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