Real Eve Friends

Eve Washington Meet 2015
L to R: Sugar Kyle, Unknown, Mynxee, Grimmash, Mord Fiddle, Unknown, Argos Gelert and Rixx.

I drank to much. My memory is fuzzy and I apologize to the two "unknowns" in the photo, you aren't really unknown - its just that I can't remember your names. I blame the noise and the alcohol. The photo was taken by my wife and it was still early in the evening, more people came and went as the night went along. Turamarth Elrandir also showed up at some point with his family, and Veskrashen and his wife Sheeana al-Seyefa among many others.

Having finally made it to Fanfest and now my very first local Eve meet, I can tell you honestly that I have the bug now. Meeting actual humans that also enjoy Eve, or used to in some cases, is pretty gosh darn awesome. Kudos to Sugar for putting this on and for being an incredibly amazing human being. I hope to be able to make more of these in the future. Not just in Washington, but in other places as well.

I encourage everyone reading this to check out Eve Meet and see where the next meet-up near you might be. And if there isn't one, you should really think about hosting. It doesn't have to be a big deal like Eve Vegas or Eve Down Under to be fun, heck Saturday night was just a bunch of people showing up at a restaurant for the evening.

I had a lot of fun and had some great conversations, not all of which were about Eve. 

And the next day I even got to see some real spaceships at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in Washington.



  1. You got a picture of the elusive Sugar Kyle!!! You're truly a photographer of the rarest of animals...

    I'd go to a local meet, but all my favourite people are on the other side of the Atlantic :p

    Rob K.

    1. I told my wife to wait until Sugar's back was turned in order to grab her on camera, since I know how adverse she is to it. :) I'm not a pirate for nothing.

  2. It was a great pleasure to finally meet and chat with you Rixx, and I did get to at least meet Mord (he was on his way out when we arrived...) and I got see Sugar and Grimmash and Argos and many others again... (I missed Mynxee I guess damnit!).

    It was weird having the wife n kids with me... My wife wanted to come along as she said, "EVE is a part of your life and I want to support you." and my youngest kids, Boo (dottir, just 12) and Aidy (son almost 13) had made it clear I would 'pay' if I didn't bring them on the next one I went to... =]

    I was worried the kids being there would be, well 'not taken well' so to speak, but everyone seemed to be ok with them or even enjoyed that they were there... and the kids had a BALL. Sugar was her usual amazing self and even gave my kids some EVE Swag... (which of course made her even more awesum!) and I got a Quafe T-shirt... which my wife stole and wore all night FFS!!!

    All in all it was a grand evening and like RIxx I plan on making it something I do as often as RL will allow... hope to meet, lift a beer and discuss our great game with many many more of yall!

    1. No problem bringing the family along and glad they all had a good time. Us gamers are not weird when you get enough of us together in one spot! lol

    2. Thanx Rixx!! I was worried... now however, I am committed to taking them along if I ever get to go to Fanfest... =]

      Yes she did!!! and what a gift that was! Aidy got the Empyrean Age and is already 1/3rd through it... and Boo got one of the Dark horse, EVE True Stories graphic novels... The story of the Fall of BoB... My kids were totally blown away!

      Oh and PS I got 'my' Quafe T-Shirt back!!! LOL

    3. We got to talk however briefly, Tur, but mostly I was engaged in a fascinating discussion with your wife about pigs and donkeys! I thought it was lovely you brought your family!

  3. Had a great time at this fun to get to know the interesting humans behind the characters. Was super great to meet you and your wife, Rixx...and Sugar and Argos and Grimmash...and well, everyone! I know exactly what you mean about having 'the bug'! I can't wait for EVEVegas now...or for the next area meetup that I can attend.


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