Crucifier UltraHD Wallpaper


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I took a rather long break from drawing spaceships, with Fanfest and everything else going on it seemed like a good time to slow down a little. I also had some ideas forming on how to make my work even better, a few ideas that had been percolating around my brain pan for months. Despite my attempts to describe my technique and process, the truth is that it is constantly in flux and evolution. I constantly try new things, new combinations and new processes. Results are what I am after and, as a weirdly open perfectionist, I am honestly never really satisfied.

The image above is available in UltraHD 3840x2160 and other smaller sizes from my Flickr album. Consider it a thank you for this past week, the release of the four posters and all of the positive feedback from the community. I know the shipping issue overseas is horrendous and all I can tell you is what I know, that CCP Spitfire is aware of it and is hard at work on a viable solution. The rest is really out of my hands.

From my end I'll keep producing my art and sharing what I can with you. It is my sincere hope that the posters sell insanely well and that we can keep bringing you new affordable products based on this incredible game. That has always been my goal.

Keep the courage.

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