Overseas Posters

For those of you that have been looking for an alternative to ordering the recently available spaceship posters, I may have some potentially good news. The Dark Horse Comics' website "Things From Another World" is currently offering the posters on Pre-Order at a discounted price. While that is good news, I believe you'll also find the shipping options overseas are more reasonable as well. It is difficult for me to establish what the rates are exactly, as I don't actually live overseas, but from what I can tell the difference is rather significant.

I can also assure you that discussions continue between CCP and QMx on future options and we remain confident that something will be worked out in the very near future. I am not aware of all the details, I remain a rather small cog in a much larger machine. But I do remain confident.

Hopefully, if sales are where we hope they are, I will have some more good news to share with you all very soon. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: I'm hearing reports of shipping costs in the $8 range for the UK!


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