Eve Coloring Book: GNO-THE-DOTS

Eve Coloring Book: GNO-THE-DOTS
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Me: "I wonder if anyone finds these Eve Coloring Book pages as funny as I do?"
Man Inside My Head: "Probably not."
Me: "I dunno, Eve players are a pretty smart bunch."
MIMH: "I think they're all idiots to be honest."
Me: "Dude! Inside voice."
MIMH: "Sheesh. Ok fine, I'm sure they all 'get' the joke."
Me: "Well, it isn't really a joke. It's more of an insightful contradiction between two completely opposite things that really don't go together, which should illicit a humorous response."
MIMH: "Oh I see."
Me: "Well I find it funny."
MIMH: "I'm not at all surprised."


  1. Funny... AND AWESOME!

    I can't wait to pull these out next time some of my child-enabled friends come round

  2. Still need a paint-by-number Myrrmidon