Go Eve!

Yesterday I touched a nerve with my post about Eve is Alive! Sorta the antidote version of a negative mantra sweeping the community since dinosaurs walked the Earth - about how Eve is Dying. My point essentially is that yes, of course Eve is Dying, in the same way that you are. In the same way that all things must. Eventually. And that Prophets of Doom are the easiest prophets to be, because eventually (given enough time) they will always be right. It takes ZERO courage to be a prophet of doom and gloom. The real courage comes from taking a stand for what is right. That takes true courage.

I want to expand on that thought and encourage my readers. Yes, Eve will eventually putter off to the great beyond. It will, someday, be pushing up daisies. This will happen sooner or later. As I've said before, I will most likely be there to turn out the lights when it finally does happen. Until then however, let us agree that the end is not nigh. That, in fact, Eve is actually thriving in ways that could not have been imagined only a few short years ago. Because this is a fact.

It is all baggage. Us older players tend to carry around some serious baggage from the olden days. Days when CCP employees were cold, distant, and hidden behind walls of ice. When monster expansions fell from on high. When the search for "Jesus" features was the dominate theme of success. When server's lagged for hours. When the path was confusing, when communication was difficult, and when it seemed that the players lived on the far end of the development stick. Those were dark days. And it is only natural that the baggage we accumulated during those years would linger. It is hard to forget and forgive. It is challenging to let go.

This is, after all, the biggest hurdle a game like Eve faces. As we speed towards the 13th year of Eve its own history becomes a weight around its ankle. A ball and chain that threatens to defeat it, just as it finally enters its own maturity. But the past is dead. The only thing that truly matters is today and the hopes and dreams of tomorrow. And I have to say, I'm impressed.

If you can remove that baggage and clearly look at where we are today, it is rather amazing. There is a staggering amount of content inside this universe of ours, an amount unimagined only seven or eight years ago. A plethora of new spaceships, new activities, new adventures, and an incredible array of possibilities to pursue. Stuff that was only dreamed of before. Is now real. With more rolling out almost on a monthly basis. The machine churns on. If anything the faucet is open wide for the first time in Eve's history. A faucet that is open and willing to listen. To adapt. To change. A complete and utter change in direction from only a few short years ago.

We should be cheering. This evolution is as much ours as anyone. We have player reps on the CSM, we have a vibrant community of bloggers, streamers, podcasters and dreamers. We have an engaged workforce that actually participates on Twitter, Slack and other places were we can engage in conversation. We are together in ways we could not have dreamed of before.

I am a big fan. As a fan I do not always agree with the decisions my team makes, but despite that, I want nothing more than for them to win. To succeed. I may not always agree, and I can be very vocal about it sometimes, but I only do so out of love of the game. A game I actually play. Almost every single day.

I don't have an axe to grind. I just want to encourage. I think you should let go of your baggage and see Eve with fresh eyes. Imagine for a moment that the past is truly gone and you are seeing Eve for the first time. She is a magnificent creation. A frustrating beast of open ended possibilities. A harsh and demanding mistress that will rip your heart out and stomp on it, over and over again. But she is glorious and she has never been better.

For my part, I will be over here in my corner cheering her on. Always ready to defend her, argue with her, and willing to tell anyone that will listen - just how beautiful she can be.

She won't be with us forever. But long may she live.


  1. Man, I am in 100% agreement with this blog. There was a time back when I was on CSM5 that I really had my doubts about the future of the game and of CCP itself. Things have really turned around since then; I'm so glad and so optimistic now

    1. We've come a long way and we have so much further to go, it truly has been an incredible journey. I am extremely optimistic.

  2. I will just point that EVE haves two kinds of stories: the success tales of a tiny percent who stayed for long, and the failure tales of huge swaths of people who tried their best and no longer play the game.

    It is great to be Rixx Javixx. It isn't that great being anonymous loser #2,308,949.

    1. I agree... but then, who want's to be anonymous loser #2,308,949? No one I know.
      So stop being a loser... Like Rixxx said without actually saying it... being a winner in EVE is a choice. So CHOOSE to win... when you rage quit or unsub that's also a choice.

      EVE and the other players didn't do that to you, you account wasn't hacked, someone else didn't hit the unsub buhtan... You, Mr. Loser #2,308,949... you did.

    2. I figured someone would make this argument in one form or another. We all measure success differently, individually and on our own terms. It is a bit presumptuous to assume that everyone that no longer plays does so from failure. In fact, I know this not to be the case. Some people play for a time and move on to other things, and sometimes they even come back. This does not make them losers.

      As for me, I was once anonymous player #47,689. Just like everyone else in Eve. And like everyone else in this sandbox I had the same opportunity every has to forge my own destiny. I am, in so many ways, a great example of how well the sandbox works. As are many, many others.

      All I want is to give more people the chance to forge their own path in a game that allows them the chance to do so. Or not.

    3. In EVE, success and failure are largely random. Who you meet, what you do, ignoring the old tutorials or following them to the letter... playing alone or with the right people; staying in one security level or going to another place and test the waters... set up a POS, join the Grrr or PL, gank some miners or just rescue the damsel over and over again...

      We know how most EVE players end. They quit, sooner than later. 80% or more players quit soon. I don't dare to call it their fault as EVE is not everybody's game.

      Players land on EVE like paratroopers. Some crash on trees or drown in a river. Some just end up in the middle of Panzerdivison IV and are either stomped or adopted as pets.

      So no, I don't think there are losers in EVE.

    4. I reject your paratrooper analogy as it is based on a randomly activated set of assumptions that have no real basis in how Eve operates. Eve is certainly open ended and famously a choose your own adventure game, as such it does have its challenges for new players to find their way. But it isn't random. The player controls their own destiny and some people find this engaging and others do not. Certainly Eve is not for everyone, but that is not a fundamental flaw but rather a strength.

      But Eve is not at all random. And it is a mistake to think of it that way. Perhaps that perspective is what ultimately pulls those that stick with it and those that do not, apart?

      Long ago a player told me this, that when you realize you are in control is the moment you truly understand what Eve is. I know exactly when that moment happened for me and it is the exact same moment when I stopped being anonymous and took control of my own destiny.

    5. Paratroopers. Wow. Calling things random like this is like a World of Tanks player saying that win-rate and statistics are all "luck" or "made up" and has nothing to do with skill or dedication or attempt to do better and be better.

      Anyways, being anon loser 2 million, like everyone is saying, that's your choice. I'm anon loser 1,999,234 and guess what, Eve is still fun, still engaging, still gets the old ticker going. If you let yourself be dissuaded by crap pointed out by the naysayers, or, alternatively figure out the game is not for you, then YOU are giving up. Eve isn't failing. It's funny because some years ago other people, like P**** and others, said the same thing about Eve. "IZ DYING!"

      Well Eve sure died for them, still seems to be people playing it with me. Perspective is everything and super important. If Eve is still fun for me, despite the general grump I am around when I play, then there is little reason that anyone else can't still find reasons to enjoy the game. CCP are trying to improve the game, If you don't like the direction, then peace out. Don't claim that just because you and your 10 best friends are leaving the game that it's all over (boo-hoo-hooo).

    6. You know, I agree with Anonymous. "In EVE, success and failure are largely random" is one of the truest things I've experienced over the last two years of playing. Only in rare occasions do my actions have a defining effect on my experiences. Too often, I am swept up by the swell of others, and moved by the ebb and flow of tidal forces, fay beyond my control.

      Now, does this make me a 'loser'? I'm not sure. Undeniably, I'm a skilled Logi pilot, Scanner and Tackle Pilot. But to you, if I'm not the captain of my fate, I'm your 'loser'.

      Now, who's 'right' here? Is there really a 'loser'? Being part of something greater than yourself is, undeniably, an anonymising experience. Is it unsurprising that two players with long solo PvP records and skills reject the idea that anonymity is part and parcel of the game for others?

      Still, it is pretty great to be Rixx Javix, pirate king. :P

      Rob K.

    7. That 'solo' is an artifact of a re-written sentence, and unfortunately, I can't delete it. Please pretend it isn't there.

      Rob K.

    8. Rob, I would never never ever call anyone that plays Eve a loser. In my opinion, just paying the game and trying makes anyone a winner in my book. It is a brutally hard game and a difficult place to find your place within it. And not everyone is destined to be a "pirate king" as you called me, I know that. (We can only have one anyway!) The thing is to find where YOU belong and do WHAT makes you happy, fulfilled and enjoy playing. That has always been the key to long term investment in Eve. And not me, nor anyone else, can answer or find that place for you. All I can do is point out why I find certain parts enjoyable and why I like playing.

      And that is all I have ever tried to do.

    9. This very much sounds like an internal locus of control versus external locus of control psychology. Some people go through life feeling that everything happens to them because of other people and external forces, other people go through life feeling that everything is completely their fault (or victory). Neither is entirely correct of course. But if your default is an external locus of control then you probably won't like Eve outside of perhaps the huge alliances where people can tell you what to do and enjoy. People with more of an internal locus of control will join a corp, see that corp die and move on somewhere else, maybe make their own corp see it fail, and then keep going because they aren't letting other people make their reality for them.

      As we've seen, Rixx is clearly very much of an internal locus of control person both in Eve and in (what I've read) of his real life. It also seems pretty clear that some of our commenters here are more external in their locus of control.

  3. I am fighting the good fight not to become anonymous #whatever... I am searching for my little corner of sandbox EVE and I promise not to crap in it! (Lies I will probably crap all over the place!) But I have yet to find it, with my RW situation its hard to find enough time to even find what I want to do let alone do what I want to do...and herein lies my contest, with myself, to remain motivated, and keep looking!

    The EVE community pulled me in rather than the game which is I suppose not normal for most games, I do not wish to move on, even though I know the game will do , eventually! But before then I hope to have found a place in space, and I hope to mark it in some way, but eventually I hope to enjoy the game as much as the 'thought of the game' and as much as the 'community of the game'.

    I also have noticed as Rixx mentioned in the previous post, a very self destructive vein of players, or at least they voice this (I always suspect that ingame that they are less negative!) I have also commented before on the unwelcoming nature of EVE Online, which partially maintains its cult status but I think is actually far more damaging than need be in the effort to recruit fresh blood, and yes EVE online is quite vampiric in nature and fresh blood is required monthly.

    Another eggshell I have crossed is the billing structure of EVE where its P2P nature is sacred but many long time players have such wealth they need not ever subscribe or reduce the cost substantially by converting ingame wealth to gametime via PLEX... Why should the new blood bear the burden of such a brutally difficult to get to grips with game?

    I feel that until I find that area of sand to foul I have reservations in paying full whack for a game that is as yet not as rewarding as expected.

  4. Every once in awhile I hear someone talk like this... and every time my reaction is the same... 'What Eve are they playing?'

    It must be nice to be able to see all the same old stuff as though it was new and shiny again. I look around and the last new thing I saw was planets. After that it's simply all recycled stuff that works for the masses, but are still based on tried and tested mechanics.

    The game is still gather / build / trade / destroy / repeat until boredom, just with a new coat of paint added on now and then. What it really needs is more people like Rixx Javix who make it actually feel new.

    We don't need more new things, we need more new people.

    1. You could say the same things about life. But I digress, obviously we want more from Eve than real life. And while you are of course partially accurate, I mean all games essentially boil down to the basics, I still believe Eve is more than the sum of its parts. It is, rather uniquely I might add, an incredible sandbox of parts that taken together form more than the sum. And for me, that is just about the perfect place to play.

      Btw, I wish there were more of me too. :)

    2. I should also mention that just about every time I feel the strong urge to move on from Eve, it is the players that have me change my mind. Though usually that strong urge to quit is also caused by players.

      It's quite like college to be honest... Trying to stay to get the degree (success) so you can be more successful while everything and everyone there is trying to make you go away because they don't want you to get the degree, they only want to get your money (stuff).

  5. What a timely blog post!

    I just started playing EvE again but only through a trial account mostly because I've been dreading the idea of reactivating my old account and risking getting bored in a matter of weeks.

    Your perspective on this great game happens at the right time. It's both enlightening and stimulating.

    Indeed, EvE has always been about what players put in. CCP has crafted a wonderful toolbox that is surprisingly resilient. It is up to us to craft great memories through interactions and skilful exploitation of mechanics of the game.

    13 years! And yet the game is beautiful as ever and still light years ahead of so many recent titles. It's resilient when so many other games have tried, crashed and burned.

    So yes, let's celebrate EvE.

    And you know what? I'm jumping back in!

    1. This guy right here has the absolute right of it! Kudos and the very best of luck out there in the black Anon 9:58!!

  6. Good ol' Rixx giving Eve a smack on her ass as she passes on by while yelling - keep going you can do it-

    You go boi

  7. Awesome post! This is so true. I'm glad there is this glass is half full aspect to the game. Too many times every time the sandbox changes for a patch the Eve is dying comments get thrown around. Keep up the good fight!