LEAK: The New "Chilllax" Trailer

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Sources close to CCP Headquarters in Reykjavik (or, as we prefer to call it here on Eveoganda "Rixx Javix") Iceland have confirmed recent rumors of additional ship designs. Our 'Intern" spy in the Art Department has managed to smuggle an early piece of concept art from the offices and spirited them away to Eveoganda World Headquarters here in (on) Mars.

The Frigate Trailer, the Gallente version "Chilllax" is seen above, is a one-man attachment that will be available in all four racial flavors on the day of the next expansion. If additional rumors are to be believed, various skins will also be made available. Details of skin types have not been announced or stolen by our spies.

The Frigate Trailer will allow for one capsuleer to disembark their ship and use the facilities, which include a wide array of items designed for comfort and relaxation. Full specs are not available, but early plans call for a quote-unquote 'Bad Ass Sound System', Hot Tub, Whiskey Bar and Cigar Humidor, and one of those beds the astronauts use. The Frigate Trailer is essentially the Captain's Quarters moved into space, except in this instance the door is extremely important. Cause it helps keep the air in.

We will stay on top of this story and let you know about any further developments as we steal them.

And they say Eve is dead. Pfft.

PS: Oh, and it does have a bathroom.


  1. Walking in Trailers is the Jesus feature EvE needs. Walking in Trailer Parks to come soon after in the 'Tornado' patch. Walking in Trailers is an obvious first step towards Walking in Stations.

    1. WiT is exactly what Eve needs!!! lolz, I love the Tornado patch idea. Awesome.

  2. i have been lobbying Sugar Kyle for just this addition to the game.


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