1,000 Days of Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty Patron Saint Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Stay Frosty is 1,000 days old.

Instead of talking about everything that Stay Frosty has achieved in the last 2 years, 8 months and 27 days, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about something else. I had been planning Stay Frosty for months before I started the Corporation and had extensive plans, notes and outlines for how things would happen. You don't just start the world's greatest pirate corporation on the spur-of-the-moment, or at least I don't. One thing that stood out from the beginning was player recognition. Its one area that I believe a lot of Corporations don't do a good job at. Not only did I want to build a culture of support, comradeship and risk-taking, but I also wanted the Corporation to acknowledge its players.

The most obvious way we do this is our monthly Hick's Award competition. Since day one our patron Saint Cpl. Dwayne Hicks has presented the player with the most total kills and the most solo kills with his monthly award. And I thought I'd publish those results for the first time publicly here today to honor those pilots who have excelled over the past 1,000 days.

The Stay Frosty Hicks Award Honor Roll

May 2013: Rixx Javix with 63 Kills and 33 Solo Kills
June 2013: Joffy Aulx-Gao 218 Kills and 110 Solo Kills
July 2013: Nakamura Shuji (168) & Bloody James (166 - And 114 Solo Kills)
August 2013: Bloody James 265 Total Kills and 178 Solo Kills
September 2013: Joffy Aulx-Gao total kills (196) and Solo Kills (112)
October 2013: Joffy Aulx-Gao total kills (142) and solo kills (80)
November 2013: Cervantes Marovinjun with 240 total kills and 168 Solo Kills
December 2013: Stan Ace with 305 total kills and Cervantes with 192 solo kills.
January 2014: Syl Kougai with 431 total kills, and Nuke Cave with 202 Solo Kills!!
February 2014: Ciba Lexlulu with 321 Kills and 172 Solo Kills!
March 2014: Deltron Zi with 275 total kills and Cerv with 148 Solo Kills!
April 2014: Skir Skor for total kills with 235 and Cervantes with 115 solo kills.
May 2014: Cervantes Marovinjun and Skir Skor with 214 kills and Cervantes Marovinjun with 131 solo kills.
June 2014: Bloody James with 233 Kills and 127 Solo Kills
July 2014: Laguna Fox with 283 Kills and Cervantes Marovinjun with 128 Solo Kills
August 2014: Laguna Fox with 229 Kills and Reed Tannid with 124 Solo Kills
September 2014: Laguna Fox with 137 Kills and Skir Skor with 59 Solo Kills
October 2014: Skir Skor with 154 Kills and Prda Prda with 81 Solo Kills
November 2014: Ciba Luxlulu with 210 Kills and Reed Tannid with 81 Solo Kills
December 2014: Ciba Luxlulu with 163 Kills and 94 Solo Kills
January 2015: Tia Aves with 397 Kills and Reed Tannid with 138 Solo Kills
February 2015: Reed Tannid with 163 Kills and 106 Solo Kills
March 2015: Ciba Luxlulu with 224 Kills and Prda Prda with 136 Solo Kills
April 2015: Joffy Aulx-Gao with 268 Total Kills and Reed Tannid with 145 Solo Kills.
May 2015: Demeison 00 for Total Kills (236) and Prda Prda for Solo Kills (149)
June 2015: Ciba Luxlulu for Total Kills (174) and Reed Tannid for Solo Kills (119)
July 2015: Ciba Luxlulu for Total Kills (246) and Solo Kills (126)
August 2015: Ciba Lexlulu for Total Kills (263) and Solo Kills (161)
September 2015: Cervantes Marovinjun with 227 kills 161 solo kills.
October 2015: Cervantes Marovinjun with 208 kills and 149 solo kills
November 2015: Rylan Yutani with 325 kills and 274 solo kills
December 2015: Rylan Yutani with 282 kills and 206 solo kills
January 2016: Cervantes Marovinjun with 317 kills and Raylan Yutani/Cervantes Marovinjun with 202/201 solo kills.

And yes, I personally find it extremely gratifying that my name only appears once in that list. While I've ended every single month in the Top Ten, it means more to me that other players excel in our Corporation. I take a great deal of pride each month watching and participating in this good natured contest.

Back when we first started many people told me it would never work. We wouldn't last. You can't build a pirate corporation on an Open Door policy. You can't just let people play however they want. You can't ignore the killboard. You can't do this and you can't do that. And yet, here we are. Stronger than ever. Still undocking every single day to Yarr, laugh in the face of danger, fly wherever we want, fly in whatever we feel like, and take insane chances in the face of overwhelming odds. 1,000 days of no fucks given.

To all those naysayers and expert pundits I'd like to say, neaner neaner.

Here's to the next 1,000 days of Stay Frosty and not playing by the rules.


  1. Congrats, so many fine folk on that list :) I think there is something to the low barrier of entry and a clearly defined, consistently cultivated corp vision/culture that factors hugely into a corp's success. Both our corps, although practically opposite in play style, have those things going for them and both continue to be remarkably successful. Not a coincidence, I'm sure!

    1. It is easy for anyone to quickly grasp what it is about, what we stand for and how we play the game. There are no politics or drama, just good old-fashioned fun. But it is also easy for everyone to know what is and what isn't part of that vision. It helps the corp culture stay consistent and not wander off into weird areas that betray the original vision.

      And I think the above applies to both of us.

  2. o7 I love what Stay Frosty is, and what it stands for!

  3. You guys are like the yin/yang of Eve! If I was Neil Gaimen I write about you two.


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