A Few Fights

A Stay Frosty Tristan
Have had more time to play Eve this past week and that has resulted in some good fights, a lot of fun with my corpmates, and some truly horrible derps, gate camps, and blobbery. In other words, the usual. Here are some recent fights and my thoughts about each one.

Oracle vs Firetail: I was fitting up a new Firetail when Jon asked for help with an Oracle in fleet. By the time I undocked and warped over his Rifter had exploded. Luckily I landed close enough to the ship to land point and start to work. Ishomilken is always a very busy system and I was worried I wouldn't have time to finish before a blob landed. I have no idea how long the fight actually took, but it felt like forever. 16,000 dps from a Firetail doesn't happen quickly.

The WCS Vexor Navy: This poor guy, I really do feel kinda sorry for him. This is just one of the many times we've caught his VNI and exploded it. This one was interesting because we only had three pilots available and so Cerv went to another system and fitted three Scrams on his Firetail. He usually fits five WCS but this time he had six. The funny part is that he always ejects his pod before the ship explodes. FW people are very strange.

Snuff Cynabal: Often you have to risk something in order to achieve something. In this case catching and holding this Cynabal that appeared in local meant risking my Maulus Navy Issue and its 18k faction scram long enough to allow my corpmates a chance to kill him. All of which worked perfectly until I hit the wrong button and lost my velocity and his ACs removed my pod from my ship. It was worth it.

Atron vs Incursus: The notable thing about this fight is just how un-notable it should be, and yet how rare it has become. Just two T1 Frigates finding each other in space and having a good fight. It was a good fight and very close. I only wish these kind of fights were more common these days, but that is not the kind of Low Sec we have anymore.

Gate Campers: This is more like the kind of Low Sec we have now. This is the same Incursus coming back from a roam down to Tama. Yet another insta locking Svipul sitting on the gate waiting to catch easy kills. It is the scourge of our time.

Comet vs Comet: Another rarity, to bump into a ship fit almost exactly like the one you are flying. This Comet's fit is almost exactly like mine, although mine varies slightly. And I had a funny bonus that I didn't even realize at the time. Flying a Comet you tend to lose a fair amount of Drones. So I tend to grab them along the way and stash them in all the stations I can, just so I have some. Apparently I did this earlier before this fight, but instead of regular old Hobgoblins I grabbed Augmented Hobs instead. Didn't even realize it until after the fight.

Slicer vs Comet: I always appreciate it when a Slicer pilot sticks around to finish a fight. I mention this because so many of them will warp off once they realize they are gonna lose. Kudos to this pilot for sticking around.

The Worm: Much like the VNI from earlier, this guy flies a Worm around running sites and we take it from him every so often. I give him credit, he isn't easy to catch. But I find the Vigil Fleet Issue or the Maulus Navy to be perfect choices to keep him in the plex.

Vigil Fleet Issue: Been flying this ship a bit lately and it has some good potential. It is best as a small gang asset, but you can get some good solo kills with it if you are careful about target selection. In this case I found a blaster Comet that took awhile to deal with, but the only thing I had to worry about was his drones. However this Comet was rail fitted as it turned out and that ended up being a different story. Live and learn.

Goon Hecate: So last night my corpmate Oleyy was in system in his Tristan when this Hecate lands on my side of the gate. I see that he is red and wait to see what he is doing, when he jumps thru to the other side. Immediately Oleyy says he is being aggressed on the other side and I jump thru to assist him. The Hecate dies pretty quickly and its then that we realize he was a Goon. We don't hunt people in Stay Frosty, we hunt ships. So it didn't matter who he was with, we just wanted to have a good fight with his Hecate. But it was nice to welcome him properly to Low Sec.

Those are just s a few of the fights in the past few days. More later. Yarrr!


  1. Some good fights in there, especially to 1v1s. I am actually debating in the near (ish) future bringing a battleship through your area of low sec for shits and giggles. Do you think it is worth doing that for fun or do you think the bad part of low sec that you elude too will just ruin it all

    1. Doing that can be incredibly fun and rewarding. It is all about timing and luck to be honest. If you can manage to have someone scout for you that will increase your odds of avoiding even accidental gate camps. Otherwise it is a crap-shoot. You might get lucky, or you might explode the first time you jump.

    2. I've got another account, ill just have to do a short train to get him to be an OK scout and I think ill do that, never know I may even get to fight Frosty pilots. Thanks for the reply.


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