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Jackdaw Special Edition Art Print
New Hi-Res Jackdaw Special Edition

In the midst of all the legal emergencies from a few weeks ago word was slowly leaking into the creative community from CCP Legal in regards to Patreon. Some of us have been wondering and asking about CCP's stance on this platform in regards to those of us that produce actual artwork. Patreon has been used by content creators, podcasters, video makers, and others for a long time, but you can't go to Kinkos and print 5,000 videos and sell them on Amazon. And while it would be illegal to do that to my artwork, that doesn't always stop some people from doing it. Not to mention the RMT implications involved.

It appears that the general ruling actually makes perfect sense. As long as supporters don't get access to things that normal non-supporters can't have access to - fine. So as long as people are not paying for "exclusive" content, they are free to support your work. Which is frustrating, because Patreon is set-up to reward supporters, but it isn't impossible to achieve either. 

So I decided to set-up my own Patreon. If you are interested in supporting my on-going creative efforts both here in the Eve community and beyond, please consider becoming a supporter. It is greatly appreciated.

What I've decided to do is keep any work produced open to everyone. However, as we go along here, I can share certain types of content with supporters exclusively. I know this because the video, podcasting people do it. This won't include any finished pieces or anything, but it might include things like sketches, thumbnails, work-in-progress updates, sound bites, and other content that my supporters might find interesting. 

The Patreon doesn't really get going until the end of April, because that is when I'll be all moved in to my new studio space!!

But the Jackdaw is the first piece since it went up and there will be more leading up to the end of April.

So thanks to my supporters and all of those that read, enjoy and care about the Eve community.

Onward and upward.

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